Soooo Busy!

Sorry all…
I really miss being on here more often and commenting and posting and photoshopping awesome wallies…
But I suddenly became very busy about a week and a half ago when I got a good freelance gig.
And I am tooootally getting paid to edit in photoshop! (and yes, yes it is awesome.) But sadly it is also time consuming and I haven't quite got a hand on this whole new time management thing yet... since I just started.

I have to say I am definitely staying here on TheO, I love my hobby of wallpaper making and I LOVE reviewing manga and anime on my other world, I just have to figure out this new fangled work thing so that I can figure out how to have time for everything.

I'm also currently editing an indie feature, a short web series, trying to make wallpapers for contests, getting an amv ready to hopefully get into convention contests, finishing reading a book, working on a claymation, translating a manga series, playing Dragon Age 2, and so much more… I'm just so darned busy!

So thank you all who took the time to read this and with any luck you'll be seeing updates from me again soon!!!!


ps. My hobby is video editing and photoshopping and my job is photoshopping and editing… I MUST be crazy! LOL

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