The Root of All Evil

Its been awhile hasn't it? Ah the busyness of life...
I've actually been fairly busy writing lately. unfortunately I am not ready to post the short story The Secrete Society of Those Who Burn Toast yet...(Its gonna be great once I get rid of typos and add more detal tho') so I am just posting this one!

I actually really like this little short and I want to make it something longer! But first lets see what people think of my idea of where the root of all evil might reside!
hahahahaha as usual this short has my weird crazy influence... ^^;;

Please comment! Constructive critism is always welcomed!


The Root of All Evil

The Root of All Evil currently resides inside my left work boot. It wasn’t a big deal yesterday, a Sunday with no work, but today, a Monday where I have work, I am annoyed to say the least. I sit kneeling on the floor staring at my shoe wondering what I should do; meanwhile Evil’s little red eyes peer out at me from the dark recesses of the boot.
Quite frankly its inhabitation of my boot is a huge problem. I would just stick my foot in, ignore it and go on with my life, but I am worried that it would bit off my leg if I tried. Same goes for sacrificing my hand to pull it out. Losing any of my limbs is definitely out of the question. I guess I could try to lure it out with some food or something, but I am pretty sure it’s surviving solely on the misery created from loosing my left boot.
Of course you may wonder why I don’t simply wear another pair of shoes, for surely I have more than one set… And I would but these are my work boots, and are a part of the very strict uniform my occupation demands… My shoe collection is small and only includes my work boots, a pair of grass stained sneakers, some sandals my misguided sister bought me for my birthday one year, and a pair of slippers. The slippers are definitely out and the work boots are currently possessed by the Root of All Evil, which leaves me the sandals and sneakers. Nobody wears sandals to work so that really narrows my options down to wear the work boots and loose my foot or wear dirty old sneakers…
I pause and think. I get up and go to the cabinet where I keep my pencils and pens. I grab a black marker and return to where my shoes sit lined in a row. The glowing red eyes look at me curiously and I think I see some teeth. I pick up my sneakers and proceed to color them black with the marker.
The red eyes watch me and I look back at them. “Ha ha!” I think, “Take that Root of All Evil! I shall defeat you with my felt tip pen!” and then I look away and continue to color them to look more like my boots. With any luck my boss won’t notice the shoe swap.
I slip on the boot imitation sneakers and tie up their laces. I stand up and give my left boot and glace and see the glowing eyes blink back at me. I pull on my hat and say to The Root of All Evil, “I’ll see you later tonight. Try not to make a mess.”
The door closes behind me as I exit my apartment and wonder whether my landlord would allow me to keep a pet… What can I say? I’ve become attached to the little bugger… it’s like having a troublesome puppy… only evil.