The Field

Ok this is based off of a REAL baseball field.
I've been there.
I took pictures of it (and assuming this works) you'll be able to see it on this post.
Basicly the following is just a little "maybe someday" story...
And my own imagination of how it used to look at it's prime...


Ps. Iam trying to figure out how many people read my world.
You don't even have to talk about what I wrote...
just type "I read this"
I am a VERY curious person...

The Field

I saw a promise of a good view in a parking lot.
There are beautiful places everywhere.
Hidden by buildings, and below parking lots.
I walked out to the corner of the lot.
There was an old mound of unknown rusting objects. I wonder how long they’ve been there, and whether anybody would miss them if they crumbled to dust.
I looked down off the small hill where the parking lot is; I could see it.
A baseball field. Run down and disserted.
And a gorgeous view of the thin forest beyond and other old buildings left to die.
I used to play softball.
Someday I want to walk down to the field with my bat, ball and glove.
Then the field and me can play one last game.
I’ll stumble down the steep hill.
I’ll toss my bag of equipment over the fence.
Then I’ll struggle and climb over onto the wide field.
I’ll walk over the patchy uneven ground to where home base used to be.
I’ll take out my bat and ball from my bag and put my helmet on my head.
The ball will seem to float in mid air after I toss it up.
Then I’ll swing as it falls in slow motion and I will probably miss the first time, because it’s been so long since I’ve played, and it’ll fall with a thump to the ground.
That’s ok because while I am in the field the shadows of the old players of the baseball field are cheering me on.
I can imagine the men sitting on the same hill I clambered down earlier, the scoreboard is once again bright vivid colors and there’s a worker putting in the updated game score.
The dirt of the field is freshly smoothed down, all the bases are loaded, and the pitcher looks cocky in his pinstripe uniform.
My team is off to the side chanting jibes at the pitcher and singing encouraging songs to me.
Singing for me to hit a homer.
The sky is bright blue, I spit out my gum, not a cloud in sight.
I ready the bat over my shoulder and take my stance; hovering ever so slightly upon my toes, ready to run.
The pitcher hitches up his leg and prepares to throw.
This time I am ready.
It connects, and the bats already falling to the ground as I run for first base.
I don’t see how far my hit went, I just run.
My heart pounds and adrenaline rushes!
The first baseman is ready to catch the ball, and I am racing to get there faster.
My feet pound the ground, and I am stretching out to win.
As I reach first base a cloud of dust raises and as the cloud sparkles down the past will fade away; Just a dream, and illusion.
It will be a cloudy day again, and I’ll be alone in an empty field.
Panting and silent; I’ll just stand there for a while.
I’ll look back up to the parking lot and I’ll miss my team.
I saw a good promise from a parking lot once.
Someday I’ll walk down there with my bat, ball and glove, and play one last game.

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