Where I am Now

Hey it's been awhile!
The below is a short story and (sadly) based off of my own life. *sigh*
Where I live now....


I Illegally cross the street to get to my room on the second floor of an old, three story, cement building. I can hear a police siren off in the distance. Loud screaming music plays from an open window on another building nearly pressed up against the one I call home. I turn off of the sidewalk down some stairs littered with discarded cigarettes. I turn into the roofed area protecting the staircase. There I can see rusted pipes. I climb the metal staircase. There are spilt french fries and a puddle from which come wet little footprints of a rat or maybe a raccoon. I reach the seconded floor landing and put my key card up to the scanner. The door beeps and then clicks. I let myself in and walk down the hall towards my room. There is a group of guys talking to the girl who lives across the hall. I mutter, “excuse me” as I push past them and fiddle with the key in the lock. The door swings open with a creak and I close it again once I’m inside with an unintentional BANG. It’s hot and stuffy in the room and I walk past three beds in our small space to get to the window. I wrestle for a moment with the blinds before getting them to stay up. I lift the lock on the window and swing the glass pane out. I see an ant and kill it. As I lean out my screen less window at the dirty ground below I can’t help but think,
“Man, I live in a bit of a slum.”