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My Top Songs (meme thing)

SO I didn't do anything for my TheO anniversary… PLus I've been uber inactive…
So I furred lets do a meme thing!

So today I shall share with you all…
My Top Ten Most PLayed Songs in my iTunes Library! (And I have enough songs to play for a week and never repeat one)
Also please share yours on your world or in the comments! I'm curious and I'm always looking for new music to love!

My Top Ten Most PLayed Songs in my iTunes Library
Links included! (shown for least to most plays

10, Pyromaniac by Oh Land with 119 plays
I love its romanic and catching lyrics!

9. Addicted to You Avicii with 120 plays
Darn these catching pop songs that go great with Photoshopping!!!

8. Devils by Say Hi with 121 plays
Now you guys get to hear some of the rock I love!

7. The Theme Song to the show Cybersix with 130 plays
I LOVE this show, I love the theme song, and the end song. I love everything about it. And yes I was thrilled that there was a karaoke version of the theme on the DVD!

6. Anyone by Moving Units with 140 plays
I love the strong beat and the longing lyrics

5. Shine a Light Down by Mercy Arms with 144 plays
This song is about a tom cat roaming the streets. An Alternative song that I just adore. Also Appearently this song is super unknown as I cannot find it on youtube or on the internet other than iTunes and one illegal download site. D:
So I guess if you want to hear it you can go to this website and push play instead of download...

4. You Make me by Avicii with 181 plays
I know I know… Avicii again… but… his songs are catchy…

3. Déjà Vu by 3OH!3 with 202 plays
Yes. Its a stupid pop song about bars. But do you know what? When I hear this song I hear the sad tale about a man who is having problems and stuck in a rut in life desperate to escape but knowing how. And I both like that and relate. PLus its super catchy.

2. Something Is Not Right With Me by Cold War Kids with 286 plays
I just love the beat I love the lyrics! (great to sing while I'm looking like a crazy person on the bus)
I even made a wallpaper with it!

1. Counting Stars by OneRepublic with 317 plays
This is one of my never give up songs! (along with The Roses of Success) Peps me up every time.

Ok now I'm gonna go pass out…
Enjoy this gif I made but was too big for an ecard! (its from Cybersix XD)
External Image

Wallpapering: No lines!

Hey all!

As those of you who have followed me for awhile know… I love coloring manga scans! soooooo very very much!
I even take requests!
So feel free to drop me a pm if you've got a scan you wanna see in color!

A while back I shared what some of my colored wallpapers look like without the lines of the scan. Personally I think its pretty cool to see what it looks like without the manga tones and lines! Show how much work I did… XD

Also would anyone be interested in a coloring tutorial for Photoshop?
I'd make one if there's people interested but if not, I'll just sleep in later. XD So let me know if you'd be interested in that.

Anyways I decided to share some of my lintless colorings!
Anyhoo! Here they are! Check out my portfolio to see the finished wallpapers!
Have an awesome day/night!

External Image

Wallpaper Secrete Santa List

Hi! So I signed up this year for this here santa list! (Cause it looked fun!)

So here's my list!

I'm pretty flexible with style or series and if you wanted to surprise me with I series I don't know, thats cool too.

Some of my favorite series are:
Tsubasa by CLAMP (Syaoran is my favorite)
I'm a huuuge fan of anything Vampire related!
Vampire Hunter D
Zetmen (Gotta love Jin!)

My favorite colors are royal purple and dark red.

I hope thats enough to give options!

ps Happy Holidays!

Things and Stuffs

Tsubasachro here doing a short little personal update!
I was just looking back on MyO for those of you who even know what that is…
and I haven't done one of this little things since I was truly active on MyO 3 years ago!!! O.o
Whats up with that?

So for anyone who cares, here are some random things about me that you probably don't know.

1. My favorite fruit is grapefruit. I have a special knife for cutting it and a special spoon for eating it too.
2. I've taken two years of Japanese. (and have a minor in Japanese history and culture) 日本語はおもしろい!
3. I am currently teaching myself Adobe Premeire
4. I make amvs quite often. Particularly Vassalord mmvs and other random fun stuff!
5.Reading makes me happy and I read very often! (including American comic books, and novels was well as manga.)

Anyways now that that's done, what about you? Anything interesting you've done that not many people know about?

Also (shameless self plug) check out my anime and manga review world! I am trying to build an audience and I'm looking for dedicated people who might want to guest post! ^-^

And now for my first claymation I made! My hands in half the shots but I think it adds character! lol

Thanks for reading if anyone actually did!

A Short About Food

Wow! Over 5,000 views on this world!
I can hardly believe it! And despite the fact people rarely comment someone must be reading this! XD hahahaha good times…
Anyways, as a thanks and a celebration I decided to write a short story for the occasion I thought about just posting something recent that I haven’t shared yet but I wanted a happy/funny story not one about squashing an ant, the wonders of the bus or that crazy weird dream I had and my burnt toast story still isn’t done… so I am going to write whatever crazy idea comes to me.
Anyways after writing my random weird story I’ve decided to call it “Crazed Dinner.”
It would be greatly appreciated if you’d comment. I write and my world views go up but nobody ever comments… How am I supposed to improve my writing without input? So PLEASE! Please comment…

Thank you for your viewership!

Crazed Dinner

“Hello Spuddly!” I call out as I enter my apartment.
That's what I’ve named my last potato. Its all I have left, well that and Rosy the Last of the Roast Turkey. It’s still three days until payday. I gotta treat Spuddly and Rosy like old friends so they don’t go bad before I eat them. It is always difficult breaking the news that you’re going to eat them to friends. There’s always an awkward silence as you pull out the plate and prep the microwave or oven.
I pause in the middle of the kitchen. My stomach growls. I sigh, there’s nothing for it I’ve got to eat Rosy. Rosy will provide me with some much needed protein and stick thicker and longer in my stomach. To be honest I also enjoy Spuddly’s company more… his warm earthy brown sitting on the counter corner makes my whole apartment seem homely, whereas Rosy hides in the frig, all covered in spices, and to be honest a bit stuck up.
Spuddly of course, will go soon as well, but he gets a pass today, my mouth is already salivating with the idea of Rosy of the Roast Turkey. I go to pull out a knife then stop midway, think and place a napkin over Spuddly. He doesn’t need to see this. I turn back to the knives and select my weapon. I raise it in front of me and it’s blade glistens under the florescent lights. I walk towards the frig and mentally brace myself for the attack.
Quick and painless. I’ll make it quick and painless. I reach towards the handle, the lights filling the kitchen with a sickly artificial brightness. I lick my lips as I grab the handle and I slowly curl my fingers round then tighten my grip until my knuckles turn white. Primed and ready with the knife pointing to the door crack, I take a deep breath. I open the frig, “Here we go!” I think.
I toss open the frig and the door snaps open with a bang! Knife in hand I dash towards the plastic wrapped turkey breast imbued by me with a name and a life.
If Rosy had a face it would be filled with such fear and betrayal that I may never eat again… but this is no time for mercy. Quick! I raise the knife. Painless! I stab. My aim is true and the knife lands in the center straight through the plastic. The strike makes tearing, crinkling, thud and I can hear the tip of the blade scrapping the plastic plate through the turkey breast once called Rosy. “Good bye Rosy.” I whisper and pull the knife out.
Soon the microwave is humming and turning round. The tantalizing smell of meat fills the air. Before I know I hear the beep beeping and I am preparing a fork and knife. I pull my dinner out and smile. It looks so good! Blocking the plate I turn to the napkin covered bump on my counter.
I pull the napkin off and one handedly fold it back to its original position. I smile down at the potato and stroke its rough skin with my finger. “Tomorrow.” I say with a smile and walk away to the living room to watch TV and eat. As I reach the doorway I turn around and smile at Spuddly.
“Tomorrow you’re mine.”