Hello! This is my World...Here is where I will post my thoughts and stuff like that!!! If anything is labled a "Rant" thats what it is me going on and on about somthing I love or hate!!!!

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Thanks & Progress!

First off I want to thank everybody for the birthday wishes! YAY!
It means a lot you took the time to comment on my portfolio/gave a gift!!!

Secondly, I want to say Well guess I haven't posted a world post in awhile...
^^;; I'm s awesome on top of things! I swear!

And lastly I want to share my in progress manga scan coloring! (Cause why not!)
Feel free to leave input on the coloring! I always love advice/suggestions!
Also this is... a like 35% finished coloring... that means I have most of the basic colors down but no effects of anything fancy or cool that makes it awesome yet...
So yeah!
Hope you all enjoy seeing what a mess it looks like before a good spit shine!!!

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Thank you!

Thank you everyone who wished me happy birthday!
My day hadn't been going so well cause I had to work on Thanksgiving into black Friday (my birthday) and my place of work didn't give me any hours for next week and some other annoying things…
Anyways long story short:
I quit at like 11 am… ^^;;
I was feeling a bit bad about it but your birthday wishes helped cheer me up!

Anyways I haven't done much to celebrate but I did get a sewing machine for my birthday so I can finally start learning how to use one! Woohooooo!!! (I know how to sew but I'm hopeless when it comes to moving up to the sewing machine)
Oh and one of my good friends somehow found Bela Legosi (Not from Twilight) tissues! For those of you who don't know, Bela Legosi is my favorite B movie actor and was the original Dracula! So random but kind of awesome at the same time!

ALSO! Thank again to everyone who reads and/or comments on my Anime and Manga Review world!!! I'm right on the edge of 4,000 views and I am so grateful! ^-^

So I like entering amv contests, its lots of fun, and its the time of year I start deciding which two are going to on to compete and on of the ways I do this is by showing 30 sec previews to people and get feedback. If you're will to do this let me know via pm or comment! I'd love to have some more critique to help me improve!
(You can also contact me via youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/solongdreamworld

Have a nice day!

Thank You For Your Support!

Well the main reason I am adding this post is to thank everybody who reads my world and has supported me either from resently or from waaaaay back on MyO.
Because I am now 913th place of 12,917 worlds and have over 2000 views! ^_^
I think thats pretty good for somebody who only post the occansional short story... ^^;;
So in honor of that I have a couple of minishorts to post!!! YAY!

And the other reason for this post is because I would like to post a bounty.
Yes you read that right. Not for a person but for a manga.
(Now you may skip to the short stories if you wish)
Last year I made this wallpaper:
And I can't remember the name of the series!!! >.< NOOOOOO!!!!
So I am willing to give a reward of whatever you want (wallpapers, stories, ecards, vector portrait, you name it and I'll see what I can do) For anyone who can tell me the name of this manga...
So heres what I know: It was on onemanga.com, Iam pretty sure it was a shonen series or a seinen but Iam not sure, It was about a guy who was bidding for a date with his favorite celeb but accedentally bid on some random girl... He tries to get out of going out with her but fails and they go on a date... Then the online date bidding company talks to the young man(or it might've been a different guy) and says that they'll pay him or something to go on a date with that celeb, she turns out to be evil.
Seriously!!! PLEASE! Help me find this!
Reward: wallpaper, ecard, story, all of the above... other?


Ok mini short story time!!!

This one is unnamed

Scha scha scha whosh goes my washer machine as I sit and stare at the moving blurs of clothing spin round and round inside. Turning and tossing like the ocean at high tide. I find myself dreaming that the cloth is my life moving, moving around with unpredictable twists and turns; inside The Machine but free to my mind. Hum, hum the motor and rhythm relaxes me and I find myself in a sort of state of self-hypnosis. I close my eyes and watch the world unfold. Colors and cuts, soft and stained, shirts and shorts whirl about my tawdry laundry life. The curves and folds follow me as I turn and I decide which to follow. Red, blue, and flower patterns, polka dots, stripes, and lace float about me, as I am tempted towards one thing or the other. Finally, I decide what I want and lay the clothes out, making an empty clothes doll lacking substance; so I take its place. And as I become the clothed doll, the doll completely melts away until there’s not even a crease to remember it. I look down and the clothes are on me, are me. But it’s not time for that yet. Now is the time to hear the scha scha scha whosh of the washer machine and dream of tomorrow morning, so I can remember that tomorrow mourning will come.

This one is named "Basement Living" and might turn into a full story later.

The glorious smell of dirt and solid creaking of footsteps above. Cool, cool air, stagnant earth smell, stiff and encompassing. Inhale and sigh, I lie on cold ground looking up at the ceiling. It’s almost like being buried alive. Calm and relaxing it doesn’t even feel like times passing me by. I turn and look as a bar of light floats through a little window entrance, feet move towards me and stop. An apparition appears and winds its fingers round the window frame, and the crunched figure opens it up. With a creak and moan he squeezes inside, lands with a plonk, walks over, and lies by my side. We don’t touch but I can that his is the only warmth. He turns to me and his face is tired. I look back and give him a smile. We both sigh and turn our faces upward and imagine the sky.