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The Root of All Evil

Its been awhile hasn't it? Ah the busyness of life...
I've actually been fairly busy writing lately. unfortunately I am not ready to post the short story The Secrete Society of Those Who Burn Toast yet...(Its gonna be great once I get rid of typos and add more detal tho') so I am just posting this one!

I actually really like this little short and I want to make it something longer! But first lets see what people think of my idea of where the root of all evil might reside!
hahahahaha as usual this short has my weird crazy influence... ^^;;

Please comment! Constructive critism is always welcomed!


The Root of All Evil

The Root of All Evil currently resides inside my left work boot. It wasn’t a big deal yesterday, a Sunday with no work, but today, a Monday where I have work, I am annoyed to say the least. I sit kneeling on the floor staring at my shoe wondering what I should do; meanwhile Evil’s little red eyes peer out at me from the dark recesses of the boot.
Quite frankly its inhabitation of my boot is a huge problem. I would just stick my foot in, ignore it and go on with my life, but I am worried that it would bit off my leg if I tried. Same goes for sacrificing my hand to pull it out. Losing any of my limbs is definitely out of the question. I guess I could try to lure it out with some food or something, but I am pretty sure it’s surviving solely on the misery created from loosing my left boot.
Of course you may wonder why I don’t simply wear another pair of shoes, for surely I have more than one set… And I would but these are my work boots, and are a part of the very strict uniform my occupation demands… My shoe collection is small and only includes my work boots, a pair of grass stained sneakers, some sandals my misguided sister bought me for my birthday one year, and a pair of slippers. The slippers are definitely out and the work boots are currently possessed by the Root of All Evil, which leaves me the sandals and sneakers. Nobody wears sandals to work so that really narrows my options down to wear the work boots and loose my foot or wear dirty old sneakers…
I pause and think. I get up and go to the cabinet where I keep my pencils and pens. I grab a black marker and return to where my shoes sit lined in a row. The glowing red eyes look at me curiously and I think I see some teeth. I pick up my sneakers and proceed to color them black with the marker.
The red eyes watch me and I look back at them. “Ha ha!” I think, “Take that Root of All Evil! I shall defeat you with my felt tip pen!” and then I look away and continue to color them to look more like my boots. With any luck my boss won’t notice the shoe swap.
I slip on the boot imitation sneakers and tie up their laces. I stand up and give my left boot and glace and see the glowing eyes blink back at me. I pull on my hat and say to The Root of All Evil, “I’ll see you later tonight. Try not to make a mess.”
The door closes behind me as I exit my apartment and wonder whether my landlord would allow me to keep a pet… What can I say? I’ve become attached to the little bugger… it’s like having a troublesome puppy… only evil.

Thank You For Your Support!

Well the main reason I am adding this post is to thank everybody who reads my world and has supported me either from resently or from waaaaay back on MyO.
Because I am now 913th place of 12,917 worlds and have over 2000 views! ^_^
I think thats pretty good for somebody who only post the occansional short story... ^^;;
So in honor of that I have a couple of minishorts to post!!! YAY!

And the other reason for this post is because I would like to post a bounty.
Yes you read that right. Not for a person but for a manga.
(Now you may skip to the short stories if you wish)
Last year I made this wallpaper:
And I can't remember the name of the series!!! >.< NOOOOOO!!!!
So I am willing to give a reward of whatever you want (wallpapers, stories, ecards, vector portrait, you name it and I'll see what I can do) For anyone who can tell me the name of this manga...
So heres what I know: It was on onemanga.com, Iam pretty sure it was a shonen series or a seinen but Iam not sure, It was about a guy who was bidding for a date with his favorite celeb but accedentally bid on some random girl... He tries to get out of going out with her but fails and they go on a date... Then the online date bidding company talks to the young man(or it might've been a different guy) and says that they'll pay him or something to go on a date with that celeb, she turns out to be evil.
Seriously!!! PLEASE! Help me find this!
Reward: wallpaper, ecard, story, all of the above... other?


Ok mini short story time!!!

This one is unnamed

Scha scha scha whosh goes my washer machine as I sit and stare at the moving blurs of clothing spin round and round inside. Turning and tossing like the ocean at high tide. I find myself dreaming that the cloth is my life moving, moving around with unpredictable twists and turns; inside The Machine but free to my mind. Hum, hum the motor and rhythm relaxes me and I find myself in a sort of state of self-hypnosis. I close my eyes and watch the world unfold. Colors and cuts, soft and stained, shirts and shorts whirl about my tawdry laundry life. The curves and folds follow me as I turn and I decide which to follow. Red, blue, and flower patterns, polka dots, stripes, and lace float about me, as I am tempted towards one thing or the other. Finally, I decide what I want and lay the clothes out, making an empty clothes doll lacking substance; so I take its place. And as I become the clothed doll, the doll completely melts away until there’s not even a crease to remember it. I look down and the clothes are on me, are me. But it’s not time for that yet. Now is the time to hear the scha scha scha whosh of the washer machine and dream of tomorrow morning, so I can remember that tomorrow mourning will come.

This one is named "Basement Living" and might turn into a full story later.

The glorious smell of dirt and solid creaking of footsteps above. Cool, cool air, stagnant earth smell, stiff and encompassing. Inhale and sigh, I lie on cold ground looking up at the ceiling. It’s almost like being buried alive. Calm and relaxing it doesn’t even feel like times passing me by. I turn and look as a bar of light floats through a little window entrance, feet move towards me and stop. An apparition appears and winds its fingers round the window frame, and the crunched figure opens it up. With a creak and moan he squeezes inside, lands with a plonk, walks over, and lies by my side. We don’t touch but I can that his is the only warmth. He turns to me and his face is tired. I look back and give him a smile. We both sigh and turn our faces upward and imagine the sky.

Right Now This Has No Name

So yeeh, right now this story has no name.
Actually this is really just the beginning of a looooong idea I have. >.>
So its really chapter 0... kind of like a oneshot that might lead to a full blown series.
And I am pretty much using it like that.
Depending on the reaction to this chap. 0 will help determine whether or not I continue posting it up here...
Actually this chapter doesn't get to what the main point will be it just introduces the main character.
I figure if people like the character at least it'll all be good.

So please readers!!!
I NEED imput!!!
Tell me how this is!
Also I am taking suggestions for a title or a better name for the shop!
Thank you!!!

Ps. I've been suffering horrible writers black lately so feel free to pitch any crazy ideas you may have...

Chapter 0: Too Young to be Old

“You’re much too young for this job.” States the businessman browsing through magazines in the convenience shop.

The shopkeeper looks up from the book he is reading behind the counter.

“Whatever do you mean?” he inquires with a lazy voice.

“Look at you! You can’t be 30 yet! And you’re running late night store filled with bits and ends of food, mags, cloths, and junk!”

“So? Some people would call me a very successful entrepreneur to own my own business at my tender age.” He replies not looking up from his book.

“You are far to young to be acting like an old man! You have your whole life ahead of you!” says the businessman angrily, “I mean just look at your sign!”
The sign on the shop reads “Night Shop: Your one stop shop open all night with any and all impedimenta and supplies you may desire!”
“Impedimenta? Doesn’t that mean to ‘impede’?”

“Some people like traveling slowly”

The businessman stares at the shopkeeper for a moment, so frustrated that words won’t come. Finally he calms down enough to shout “And why’s your store called “Night Shop” anyways?! The name makes it sound like a dirty sex shop!”

“I am only open at night.” Replies the shopkeeper.

“What kind of store is only open at night?”

“Mine is.” The man behind the counter states matter of factly, “The late night wanderer is by far one of the most under represented minorities.” The storeowner lowers his head and sighs heavily, “It's a terrible thing.”

“I don’t know why I bother.” The businessman places his magazine on the counter.
The man passes over the money and the owner hands him the change.

“See you next week Stan.” Says the shopkeeper.

“Yeah, yeah. Bye.”

Right before the he exists the store, Stan stops and turns around.
“Come to think of it, it’s been nearly two months since I moved into town and started coming here and I don’t know what your name is.”

“Hmm?” the shopkeeper glances up, “Well it’s on my name tag”

“No your name tag is blank.”

“What?!” he looks at his nametag pinned to his shirt; there is no name written on it, “Well what’d ya know… Guess I don’t have a name..?”

Stan gives him an exasperated look. “So” asks Stan, “Why is it blank?”

“I haven’t picked a name yet.”


“My real name is very boring you see… I wanted something more exciting and You know, something with pizzazz…”

“Uh huh,” says Stan impatiently, “Well what should I call you then?”

“Hmmm, I guess for now call me Nemo.”
Nemo smiles.

“That's a stupid name. It's a rip off of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and is just a plan awful name.” sates Stan.

“Better than Stan.” Points out Nemo.

“I hate you.”

“I’ll see you next week.”

Stan nods grads his magazine and exits the shop.
Somewhere a mysterious Bing chimes as the door rattles shut.

Nemo takes off his blank nametag and stares at it.
“No… Nemo really is too much of a rip off…” he mutters “I need something for people to call me though…”

He picks up a black marker and scribbles on the plastic nametag.
He pins it back on.
It reads “Hello my name is Ambri! How may I help you?”

Ambri leans back in his chair and closes his eyes.
“Only five more hours until closing time.”

The Field

Ok this is based off of a REAL baseball field.
I've been there.
I took pictures of it (and assuming this works) you'll be able to see it on this post.
Basicly the following is just a little "maybe someday" story...
And my own imagination of how it used to look at it's prime...


Ps. Iam trying to figure out how many people read my world.
You don't even have to talk about what I wrote...
just type "I read this"
I am a VERY curious person...

The Field

I saw a promise of a good view in a parking lot.
There are beautiful places everywhere.
Hidden by buildings, and below parking lots.
I walked out to the corner of the lot.
There was an old mound of unknown rusting objects. I wonder how long they’ve been there, and whether anybody would miss them if they crumbled to dust.
I looked down off the small hill where the parking lot is; I could see it.
A baseball field. Run down and disserted.
And a gorgeous view of the thin forest beyond and other old buildings left to die.
I used to play softball.
Someday I want to walk down to the field with my bat, ball and glove.
Then the field and me can play one last game.
I’ll stumble down the steep hill.
I’ll toss my bag of equipment over the fence.
Then I’ll struggle and climb over onto the wide field.
I’ll walk over the patchy uneven ground to where home base used to be.
I’ll take out my bat and ball from my bag and put my helmet on my head.
The ball will seem to float in mid air after I toss it up.
Then I’ll swing as it falls in slow motion and I will probably miss the first time, because it’s been so long since I’ve played, and it’ll fall with a thump to the ground.
That’s ok because while I am in the field the shadows of the old players of the baseball field are cheering me on.
I can imagine the men sitting on the same hill I clambered down earlier, the scoreboard is once again bright vivid colors and there’s a worker putting in the updated game score.
The dirt of the field is freshly smoothed down, all the bases are loaded, and the pitcher looks cocky in his pinstripe uniform.
My team is off to the side chanting jibes at the pitcher and singing encouraging songs to me.
Singing for me to hit a homer.
The sky is bright blue, I spit out my gum, not a cloud in sight.
I ready the bat over my shoulder and take my stance; hovering ever so slightly upon my toes, ready to run.
The pitcher hitches up his leg and prepares to throw.
This time I am ready.
It connects, and the bats already falling to the ground as I run for first base.
I don’t see how far my hit went, I just run.
My heart pounds and adrenaline rushes!
The first baseman is ready to catch the ball, and I am racing to get there faster.
My feet pound the ground, and I am stretching out to win.
As I reach first base a cloud of dust raises and as the cloud sparkles down the past will fade away; Just a dream, and illusion.
It will be a cloudy day again, and I’ll be alone in an empty field.
Panting and silent; I’ll just stand there for a while.
I’ll look back up to the parking lot and I’ll miss my team.
I saw a good promise from a parking lot once.
Someday I’ll walk down there with my bat, ball and glove, and play one last game.

External Image

News and a Story!

Some interesting little news followed by a random story!
(The story is random because I am about to write it now from the top of my head… soooooo, yeah…)

I wrote a script for my film class about a month ago. The class liked my idea so me and 5 other scripts were chosen to actually be filmed. I then became the writer/producer/director of the project. O.o
Needless to say I’ve been working really hard on this project!
The news is that once editing is done (I started today) I am going to try to put it on YouTube and you can all watch my story in the near future!!! ^-^ (and since it’s me you KNOW it’s going to be weird! Lol)

Now it is random story time!

The sun beams down beneath the blinds. Sneaking through the cracks in it’s shelter. Nothing is completely dark and nothing can keep out that bright, bright light.
It annoys me.
Sometimes I feel as though the sun is teasing me. Saying “You can’t come here! You’re a disgrace, a beast, and I will beat you.”
I want to get away from here.
This old abandoned dormitory no longer holds any secretor mystery. Except, perhaps, for me being inside of it.
I crawl father into my dark corner and try to sleep.
The sun is far too bright.
I end up starring at it until it sets.
Night is my domain, and nobody can stop me.
I run down dark deserted streets fog hovering just above the ground. I bet to an outsider it’d look like I was flying. I wish that I really could fly… but stories of flying are just myths. The closest I’ve gotten is a cramped airplane, and that was a very long time ago.
Eventually I get to my chosen venue in this area. A little park, three streetlights and a bench. Nice and quiet; it’s perfect.
I set down on the bench beneath one of the yellow lights. A little puddle of safety to humans from the big bad dark.
I wait.
Right on cue, there he is.
My meal ticket.
“You actually came!” he says it a little bit surprised.
I understand why. Not many women would agree to meet a stranger for a date in a dark park, but not many women are like me.
“Yes.” I reply smiling.
His idea of a date apparently involves trying to eat my ear after a cheap dinner at a small dirty diner. It is a hour after we met and we have already made it full circle back to the park. Its gross and tickles, but I let him in order to pump his confidence enough lure him into the shadows.
It works he gives me a silent signal and we’re backing out from under the lamp onto the wet grass and the dark.
He lays me down and tries to make his move.
I have him now.
I twist him down so that I am on top and reach down to kiss his neck with my teeth.
His blood oozes out of the wound. The man feels that something is amiss and attempts to wriggle free. I have him though.
My fangs have sent a chemical for paralysis into his blood and I am now receiving the real meal.
The warm blood fills me up as I embrace his cooling body.
His warmth enters me and I can taste life in the air.
Once he is gone I drop the body onto the ground and walk away.
There is no need to do anything else.
I really don’t want to go back to my current residence. It’s abundance of cracks which let in light irk me to no end. I decide to find a new home base. I look up at the sky; there’s plenty of night left.

I hope you all enjoyed that piece!
Feel free to comment!