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Thanks & Progress!

First off I want to thank everybody for the birthday wishes! YAY!
It means a lot you took the time to comment on my portfolio/gave a gift!!!

Secondly, I want to say Well guess I haven't posted a world post in awhile...
^^;; I'm s awesome on top of things! I swear!

And lastly I want to share my in progress manga scan coloring! (Cause why not!)
Feel free to leave input on the coloring! I always love advice/suggestions!
Also this is... a like 35% finished coloring... that means I have most of the basic colors down but no effects of anything fancy or cool that makes it awesome yet...
So yeah!
Hope you all enjoy seeing what a mess it looks like before a good spit shine!!!

External Image

A little feedback?

Hey all!

I've been working on this coloring and I could use a bit of feedback on the color choices and such.
I'm coloring this picture as a personal challenge and I want it to look as cool as possible! ^-^

So what do you think?
I'm not sure about the blue at the bottom yet... (those astronaut guys)
I'm also debating adding more texture to the egg sack. (not a sentance I get to write everyday! lol)

External Image

Here's the scan I'm using for anyone curious....

Anyhoo, I plan to finish this up sometime tomorrow afternoon so if there's a link to the wallie under this I've finished already. ^^