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Animated Music Videos! (you haven't seen!)

Hey all!
Its been awhile since I’ve done any kinda blog post and I figured this would be a good little post to make!

I’m guessing since you’re on this site you like animation, and I figured most people like music! So here are some AWESEOME animated music videos you (probably) have never seen or heard of!
So there’s not gonna be any really famous vids here! Which I'm defining as less than 2 million views.

Not in any particular order!
ok! This song is Tais Toi Mon Coeur by Dionysos Ft. Olivia Ruiz. This song/video has a long pretty interesting little history. It is related to the French animated movie Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart. This song however is not in the movie. As far as I can tell this video was made before the movie because the band are friends with the man who wrote the book the film is based off!


When I Was Done Dying by Dan Deacon was produced by Cartoon Network for one of their late night surprise videos. Of all the music videos on this list, this is the one you’ve most likely see. (with one and a half million views) A collaboration between several prominate animators. It is awesome.

CRUISR - All Over. How this video only has half a million views I shall never understand! Packed with movie references and smooth animation its really fun to watch!

Somewhere Else by FRED. This is a band and song I’d be SHOCKED is any but me has heard of. I really like this video. Its deceptively simple but very colorful and soothing!

FML by K.Flay is maybe a bit on the nose with its metaphors about alcohol addiction but still REALLY cool, coloring and fun!

The Rifle’s Spiral by The Shins. I love stop motion and this song! VERY awesome music video!

Let me know what you think, if you've ever seen any of these before, and if you know of any other good ones!!

My Top Songs (meme thing)

SO I didn't do anything for my TheO anniversary… PLus I've been uber inactive…
So I furred lets do a meme thing!

So today I shall share with you all…
My Top Ten Most PLayed Songs in my iTunes Library! (And I have enough songs to play for a week and never repeat one)
Also please share yours on your world or in the comments! I'm curious and I'm always looking for new music to love!

My Top Ten Most PLayed Songs in my iTunes Library
Links included! (shown for least to most plays

10, Pyromaniac by Oh Land with 119 plays
I love its romanic and catching lyrics!

9. Addicted to You Avicii with 120 plays
Darn these catching pop songs that go great with Photoshopping!!!

8. Devils by Say Hi with 121 plays
Now you guys get to hear some of the rock I love!

7. The Theme Song to the show Cybersix with 130 plays
I LOVE this show, I love the theme song, and the end song. I love everything about it. And yes I was thrilled that there was a karaoke version of the theme on the DVD!

6. Anyone by Moving Units with 140 plays
I love the strong beat and the longing lyrics

5. Shine a Light Down by Mercy Arms with 144 plays
This song is about a tom cat roaming the streets. An Alternative song that I just adore. Also Appearently this song is super unknown as I cannot find it on youtube or on the internet other than iTunes and one illegal download site. D:
So I guess if you want to hear it you can go to this website and push play instead of download...

4. You Make me by Avicii with 181 plays
I know I know… Avicii again… but… his songs are catchy…

3. Déjà Vu by 3OH!3 with 202 plays
Yes. Its a stupid pop song about bars. But do you know what? When I hear this song I hear the sad tale about a man who is having problems and stuck in a rut in life desperate to escape but knowing how. And I both like that and relate. PLus its super catchy.

2. Something Is Not Right With Me by Cold War Kids with 286 plays
I just love the beat I love the lyrics! (great to sing while I'm looking like a crazy person on the bus)
I even made a wallpaper with it!

1. Counting Stars by OneRepublic with 317 plays
This is one of my never give up songs! (along with The Roses of Success) Peps me up every time.

Ok now I'm gonna go pass out…
Enjoy this gif I made but was too big for an ecard! (its from Cybersix XD)
External Image

The Origin of Love

Hey all!
I just really wanted to share this lovely lovely song from the bizarre musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
While I would not recommend this movie for everyone, I think that that this song can be enjoyed by just about anyone!
Its tender and about love but has an enjoyable rock edge and lots of energy!
I like my my song energetic and fast! (this is on the slow end for me but still so very pretty)

The song is talking about an actual theory about the origin of love. That at one point we were two people existing as one person but one day the gods grew fearful and angry and tore us all in half. The feeling of looking for your "other half" and the desire to be complete is the feeling called love.

Anyways the song puts it better than that! And the movie version is also accompanied by lovely simplistic animation.
So even though this movie may not be for everyone, give the song a listen and the scene a watch!

7 Years on TheO! (Oh and foxes)

Woot! I've now been on this site for a long long time!!!

But really I'm posting to share this amazing song... Trust me you shall not be disappointed!
Maybe you've even heard it before, but if not you simply MUST!!!

Anyways discover the answer to a most mysterious question! lol
(also great stress relief since I'm freaking out over an interview...)

My Music Box

This is a real life moment told as a story. Please comment and enjoy!!! (I wish I could include a picture of the box but I can't find the wire to my camera...)

My Music Box

I was very young when my music box found me.
I was an odd kid; I loved garage sales. All sorts, both big and small. They have always seemed to have a magical feeling about them to me. I once found a metal box with money hidden in the cloth lining… to me a treasure. Anyways I was at such a sale when I saw the small plain wooden box the painting of men herding animals while laughing and talking on the lid. I was enchanted by the box and opened it.
It was the perfect size to fit little secretes inside.
The old lady who was selling her old memories that had long lost their glamour caught me gazing at the box. She picked it up smiled and told me it used to be a music box. Then she proceeded to tell me that it no longer worked and hadn’t for some time.
She looked so very sad as she held the broken music and as she said she couldn’t even remember what song it played… She had never been able to work up the courage to break open the wooden block that protected the mechanics to fix it. She just couldn’t bare the thought of seeing it in pieces… She obviously loved that box.
She smiled, handed it to me and told me I could have it for free.
I looked up at her with awe, and despite the fact I was only seven years old I understood how hard it was for her and my responsibility to take very very good care of that box.
And I did. For years it kept my little trinkets and doohickeys. I would stare at the wooden shield preventing the song from playing… “What song would it play if it could?” I would ask myself, “Would it be happy or sad?” The box held a mystery, a magic. What was inside the box? It held something inside I had no way of grasping, sensing or imagining. The gift of music was promised to me if I could repair it’s broken heart.
Thus I hunted avidly for someone, anyone, who could fix my music box.
I tried watch shops, music shops, music box shops, but when asked if they would fix it they all replied in a stiff manor “We don’t do that here!”
“But then where?” asked I.
There was never a reply.
More years passed and I continued to ask “Oh my music box what secretes do you hide?” Sometimes I would consider tearing the protective wooden piece out and thus expose the inner working and innards of box, but I would always think of the old women’s tired face and lose conviction. It felt as if I would rip apart her heart if I did and I would quickly put the box away.
So there it sat on my shelf. A sad and lonely object in my closet.
One day I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to know. It was years later and I was now a young woman.
I took the box in my arms and braced myself.
I tore off the wooden divider.
What had plagued me, dared me, taunted me, made me dream, what I had hated loved and wondered about for years and years of my life was gone in a flash. The wood piece was barely glued in, made by a loving hand in Switzerland.
I awed at the array of shiny metal mechanics that would work the music. It had been stopped forever mid song like a watch stopped in time. I could just imagine the woman’s face when she opened it that tragic time, and found that the music had died.
I sat there on my bed staring at it for a long while.
It smelt like old wood.
New energy filled me along with a new purpose. I was determined! I would fix it! Not only for me but for the old women long gone and to show all the people who said they couldn’t that I could.
I went to work.
I fiddled, I prodded, and there were no clues on how to fix it to be found. I searched for a screwdriver. I was ready to pull out all the pieces and completely decimate it, when I noticed something.
A tiny wooden button.
It was as small as a pin head and I had never noticed it before. It seemed painfully obvious now. It was the trigger that in better years would have started the machine to run and play the song. I looked at it. I wondered how many times it had played before it stopped. Ten times? Ten thousand? Million? Once again I was lost in my imaginings of when it worked, the people that made it, the person that bought it, and finally me who’s cared for it all these years even though it was crippled and old. I began to play with the trigger turning it back and forth…
Then a miracle.
The box began to play the long lost song…
I was surprised. It was beautiful. The pieces whirred and clicked to life. A discordant sweet sound came floating out of it and into my soul.
I was so happy. And a little sad.
After all this time my goal was over. It worked now. I must admit I was very emotional and teared up a bit. And as the mist pasted over my eyes I remembered all that I’d been through and the women before me and the creator before her.
My music box played on.