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My Top Songs (meme thing)

SO I didn't do anything for my TheO anniversary… PLus I've been uber inactive…
So I furred lets do a meme thing!

So today I shall share with you all…
My Top Ten Most PLayed Songs in my iTunes Library! (And I have enough songs to play for a week and never repeat one)
Also please share yours on your world or in the comments! I'm curious and I'm always looking for new music to love!

My Top Ten Most PLayed Songs in my iTunes Library
Links included! (shown for least to most plays

10, Pyromaniac by Oh Land with 119 plays
I love its romanic and catching lyrics!

9. Addicted to You Avicii with 120 plays
Darn these catching pop songs that go great with Photoshopping!!!

8. Devils by Say Hi with 121 plays
Now you guys get to hear some of the rock I love!

7. The Theme Song to the show Cybersix with 130 plays
I LOVE this show, I love the theme song, and the end song. I love everything about it. And yes I was thrilled that there was a karaoke version of the theme on the DVD!

6. Anyone by Moving Units with 140 plays
I love the strong beat and the longing lyrics

5. Shine a Light Down by Mercy Arms with 144 plays
This song is about a tom cat roaming the streets. An Alternative song that I just adore. Also Appearently this song is super unknown as I cannot find it on youtube or on the internet other than iTunes and one illegal download site. D:
So I guess if you want to hear it you can go to this website and push play instead of download...

4. You Make me by Avicii with 181 plays
I know I know… Avicii again… but… his songs are catchy…

3. Déjà Vu by 3OH!3 with 202 plays
Yes. Its a stupid pop song about bars. But do you know what? When I hear this song I hear the sad tale about a man who is having problems and stuck in a rut in life desperate to escape but knowing how. And I both like that and relate. PLus its super catchy.

2. Something Is Not Right With Me by Cold War Kids with 286 plays
I just love the beat I love the lyrics! (great to sing while I'm looking like a crazy person on the bus)
I even made a wallpaper with it!

1. Counting Stars by OneRepublic with 317 plays
This is one of my never give up songs! (along with The Roses of Success) Peps me up every time.

Ok now I'm gonna go pass out…
Enjoy this gif I made but was too big for an ecard! (its from Cybersix XD)
External Image

7 Things for 7 Years

A bit late to celebrate but…
its been a long standing thing of mine to periodically share things about myself that you may not know. I do this A.) because its lets you know me better and B.) because I love hearing things about you guys I didn’t know. (win win right??? XD)
So here we go 7 things you may not know about me for 7 years on TheO

1. My number one fangirl moment was when I got to meet Hideyuki Kikuchi (Author of Vampire Hunter D) and Saiko Takaki (The artist of the manga version of Vampire Hunter D) My number 2 fangirl moment is that Saiko drew a picture of me in my cosplay in the back of one of the VHD manga. (The little authors note) Made my year. XD

2. I am a huge geek. I love American comics and manga alike, and am an avid Trekie as well… I grew up on scifi!

3. I have never played a video game all the way though. My gaming experience is limited to The Sims, Wii Sports and part of Kirby’s Epic Yarn (an easy game that I only played one level of because I couldn’t figure out how to jump) I decided recently to change this and may even record the process…. ^.^;;

4. I get asked a lot, plus there’s constantly “where’d you get it” discussions on TheO, but my user name has no special meaning… I didn’t even get to pick it! My account was made for me by a Tsubasa obsessed fan! (aka Wallpaperotaku) lol

5. I loooooove making amvs and mmvs!!! It’s a hobby of mine. (If you’re a Vassalord fan, chances are good you’ve seen my mmvs) I post one about every 6 months or so, but lately I’ve been getting them out quicker. In fact, I also really enjoy competing in amv contests. Two of my amvs have played at large cons! So far I haven’t won but I plan to change that! ^-^ If you have a YouTube account I’d love to add you! So look me up and send me a pm!

6. I am a Zorro fanatic. Random right??? But seriously I looooooooove Zorro… I’ve watched most of the TV series (even Black Whip which is so not Zorro and the animated blond Zorro) I’ve even read the book more than 7 times and getting to see the actual saddle used in the Disney Zorro TV show was a highlight of my summer.

7. I have acted in plenty of student films during my college days… I am not proud of them. They are on YouTube and I await the dreaded day they go viral… My rolls have included a druggie, a zombie, an angel secretary, and some voice acting as the vampire Andrew Bennett. I am less embarrassed about the last one since I directed and edited it. Feel free to check it out through this link. I may not be the best but my costars are great! Sadly I still need to finish the second half of the issue. In addition you can only see this video through this link as it is unlisted.

So what about you? Do you have any secrete fandoms? Or love making amvs? Or do you have some other interesting hobby?