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Animated Music Videos! (you haven't seen!)

Hey all!
Its been awhile since I’ve done any kinda blog post and I figured this would be a good little post to make!

I’m guessing since you’re on this site you like animation, and I figured most people like music! So here are some AWESEOME animated music videos you (probably) have never seen or heard of!
So there’s not gonna be any really famous vids here! Which I'm defining as less than 2 million views.

Not in any particular order!
ok! This song is Tais Toi Mon Coeur by Dionysos Ft. Olivia Ruiz. This song/video has a long pretty interesting little history. It is related to the French animated movie Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart. This song however is not in the movie. As far as I can tell this video was made before the movie because the band are friends with the man who wrote the book the film is based off!


When I Was Done Dying by Dan Deacon was produced by Cartoon Network for one of their late night surprise videos. Of all the music videos on this list, this is the one you’ve most likely see. (with one and a half million views) A collaboration between several prominate animators. It is awesome.

CRUISR - All Over. How this video only has half a million views I shall never understand! Packed with movie references and smooth animation its really fun to watch!

Somewhere Else by FRED. This is a band and song I’d be SHOCKED is any but me has heard of. I really like this video. Its deceptively simple but very colorful and soothing!

FML by K.Flay is maybe a bit on the nose with its metaphors about alcohol addiction but still REALLY cool, coloring and fun!

The Rifle’s Spiral by The Shins. I love stop motion and this song! VERY awesome music video!

Let me know what you think, if you've ever seen any of these before, and if you know of any other good ones!!

Update: Amv & Wallpapers!


It's been awhile since I've posted anything here so I'm giving a quick update!

I've been working on my contest entries for some of the wallpaper challenges up! yay!

um lets see... I'm going to try to jump back into my manga and anime review world! (so look forward to that!)

So here's some of my latest work! My newest amv and a preview of a wallpaper I'm working on!!!

If you sub me on youtube and let me know you're from here I'll sub you back right away!

And here's the wallpaper preview! (If you're familiar with Hellsing let me know how you feel about the glove color. I'm on the fence about it)
External Image

My Top Songs (meme thing)

SO I didn't do anything for my TheO anniversary… PLus I've been uber inactive…
So I furred lets do a meme thing!

So today I shall share with you all…
My Top Ten Most PLayed Songs in my iTunes Library! (And I have enough songs to play for a week and never repeat one)
Also please share yours on your world or in the comments! I'm curious and I'm always looking for new music to love!

My Top Ten Most PLayed Songs in my iTunes Library
Links included! (shown for least to most plays

10, Pyromaniac by Oh Land with 119 plays
I love its romanic and catching lyrics!

9. Addicted to You Avicii with 120 plays
Darn these catching pop songs that go great with Photoshopping!!!

8. Devils by Say Hi with 121 plays
Now you guys get to hear some of the rock I love!

7. The Theme Song to the show Cybersix with 130 plays
I LOVE this show, I love the theme song, and the end song. I love everything about it. And yes I was thrilled that there was a karaoke version of the theme on the DVD!

6. Anyone by Moving Units with 140 plays
I love the strong beat and the longing lyrics

5. Shine a Light Down by Mercy Arms with 144 plays
This song is about a tom cat roaming the streets. An Alternative song that I just adore. Also Appearently this song is super unknown as I cannot find it on youtube or on the internet other than iTunes and one illegal download site. D:
So I guess if you want to hear it you can go to this website and push play instead of download...

4. You Make me by Avicii with 181 plays
I know I know… Avicii again… but… his songs are catchy…

3. Déjà Vu by 3OH!3 with 202 plays
Yes. Its a stupid pop song about bars. But do you know what? When I hear this song I hear the sad tale about a man who is having problems and stuck in a rut in life desperate to escape but knowing how. And I both like that and relate. PLus its super catchy.

2. Something Is Not Right With Me by Cold War Kids with 286 plays
I just love the beat I love the lyrics! (great to sing while I'm looking like a crazy person on the bus)
I even made a wallpaper with it!

1. Counting Stars by OneRepublic with 317 plays
This is one of my never give up songs! (along with The Roses of Success) Peps me up every time.

Ok now I'm gonna go pass out…
Enjoy this gif I made but was too big for an ecard! (its from Cybersix XD)
External Image

Amvs, Requests, Life


XxArrancarFanxX gave me their oh so wonder list of scans! <3 And while I slowly work my way through those scans (Some I like but need to figure out how to do…) I am still open for requests! Woot! So if you want a wallpaper made, comment here or send me a pm! Heck, I'll color something for you to use in a wallpaper if you really want.
I feel like I haven't mentioned it enough, but some of my colorings are totally available without backgrounds and I'll send pngs without backgrounds by request. Sadly only the newer ones, and only ones with simple backgrounds… but there you go. I should really just compile a list of which ones they are… They're mostly ones where I am not happy with the back ground I made so I don't mind if other people want to try their hand at them. Dang I should really just put together a list with my handful of rules….

External Image

Other than that I realized that I don't think I've ever posted one of my amvs here on TheO… Which is crazy cause I love doing convention contests and al that jazz. I have yet to win one, next year shall be my year!!! >~<
But I have played a a few cons. Which makes me happy. ^_^
Heck I'm constantly looking for test subjects people to give me feedback on rough cuts.
So if I can force anyone wants to… XD

So here's my most resent amv that I made for, and played at Fanime 2014!

Have a nice day!

Wallpapering: No lines!

Hey all!

As those of you who have followed me for awhile know… I love coloring manga scans! soooooo very very much!
I even take requests!
So feel free to drop me a pm if you've got a scan you wanna see in color!

A while back I shared what some of my colored wallpapers look like without the lines of the scan. Personally I think its pretty cool to see what it looks like without the manga tones and lines! Show how much work I did… XD

Also would anyone be interested in a coloring tutorial for Photoshop?
I'd make one if there's people interested but if not, I'll just sleep in later. XD So let me know if you'd be interested in that.

Anyways I decided to share some of my lintless colorings!
Anyhoo! Here they are! Check out my portfolio to see the finished wallpapers!
Have an awesome day/night!

External Image