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Thanks & Progress!

First off I want to thank everybody for the birthday wishes! YAY!
It means a lot you took the time to comment on my portfolio/gave a gift!!!

Secondly, I want to say Well guess I haven't posted a world post in awhile...
^^;; I'm s awesome on top of things! I swear!

And lastly I want to share my in progress manga scan coloring! (Cause why not!)
Feel free to leave input on the coloring! I always love advice/suggestions!
Also this is... a like 35% finished coloring... that means I have most of the basic colors down but no effects of anything fancy or cool that makes it awesome yet...
So yeah!
Hope you all enjoy seeing what a mess it looks like before a good spit shine!!!

External Image

Wallpaper Suggestions?

Hey all!

Life's been… interesting lately! I've been working a couple of unpaid internships…
Someday I'll get paid…
*Dollar sign eyes*

Every things good but I really really want to color!
I like coloring when I get a bit stressed, and being short on cash and getting by with unpaid gigs…
And my part time job hunt ain't goin' so hot either… >.>

And now I really want to color stuff but I don't really have any scans that are screaming out at me…
So any ideas????
Feel free to send me links or just suggest series! In fact I'm pretty much begging you to do that…
The only thing is, not all scans make for good coloring.
So try to pick scenes that would translate well into a wallpaper!

Soooo in the meantime…
Ever wonder what one of my colorings looks like without the lines?
No? Too bad!

Here's what a handful of my more resent scan colorings look like without lines!

ps. I look forward to any help I can get!

External Image