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A Short About Food

Wow! Over 5,000 views on this world!
I can hardly believe it! And despite the fact people rarely comment someone must be reading this! XD hahahaha good times…
Anyways, as a thanks and a celebration I decided to write a short story for the occasion I thought about just posting something recent that I haven’t shared yet but I wanted a happy/funny story not one about squashing an ant, the wonders of the bus or that crazy weird dream I had and my burnt toast story still isn’t done… so I am going to write whatever crazy idea comes to me.
Anyways after writing my random weird story I’ve decided to call it “Crazed Dinner.”
It would be greatly appreciated if you’d comment. I write and my world views go up but nobody ever comments… How am I supposed to improve my writing without input? So PLEASE! Please comment…

Thank you for your viewership!

Crazed Dinner

“Hello Spuddly!” I call out as I enter my apartment.
That's what I’ve named my last potato. Its all I have left, well that and Rosy the Last of the Roast Turkey. It’s still three days until payday. I gotta treat Spuddly and Rosy like old friends so they don’t go bad before I eat them. It is always difficult breaking the news that you’re going to eat them to friends. There’s always an awkward silence as you pull out the plate and prep the microwave or oven.
I pause in the middle of the kitchen. My stomach growls. I sigh, there’s nothing for it I’ve got to eat Rosy. Rosy will provide me with some much needed protein and stick thicker and longer in my stomach. To be honest I also enjoy Spuddly’s company more… his warm earthy brown sitting on the counter corner makes my whole apartment seem homely, whereas Rosy hides in the frig, all covered in spices, and to be honest a bit stuck up.
Spuddly of course, will go soon as well, but he gets a pass today, my mouth is already salivating with the idea of Rosy of the Roast Turkey. I go to pull out a knife then stop midway, think and place a napkin over Spuddly. He doesn’t need to see this. I turn back to the knives and select my weapon. I raise it in front of me and it’s blade glistens under the florescent lights. I walk towards the frig and mentally brace myself for the attack.
Quick and painless. I’ll make it quick and painless. I reach towards the handle, the lights filling the kitchen with a sickly artificial brightness. I lick my lips as I grab the handle and I slowly curl my fingers round then tighten my grip until my knuckles turn white. Primed and ready with the knife pointing to the door crack, I take a deep breath. I open the frig, “Here we go!” I think.
I toss open the frig and the door snaps open with a bang! Knife in hand I dash towards the plastic wrapped turkey breast imbued by me with a name and a life.
If Rosy had a face it would be filled with such fear and betrayal that I may never eat again… but this is no time for mercy. Quick! I raise the knife. Painless! I stab. My aim is true and the knife lands in the center straight through the plastic. The strike makes tearing, crinkling, thud and I can hear the tip of the blade scrapping the plastic plate through the turkey breast once called Rosy. “Good bye Rosy.” I whisper and pull the knife out.
Soon the microwave is humming and turning round. The tantalizing smell of meat fills the air. Before I know I hear the beep beeping and I am preparing a fork and knife. I pull my dinner out and smile. It looks so good! Blocking the plate I turn to the napkin covered bump on my counter.
I pull the napkin off and one handedly fold it back to its original position. I smile down at the potato and stroke its rough skin with my finger. “Tomorrow.” I say with a smile and walk away to the living room to watch TV and eat. As I reach the doorway I turn around and smile at Spuddly.
“Tomorrow you’re mine.”



Its been awhile!
Sadly no short story today... but I am going to link to my newest video project!
Which was written by me so you know its gonna be weird! lol

A short history of the font Times New Roman as told by Times New Roman himself...
Made in After Effects for a class project.

5 years of TheO

Wow… That's the main thing I am here to say today.
I have been a member on TheO since 09/16/06…. Can you believe it???
Time really sneaks up on you!

So to celebrate I am doing a few things here today! WOOT!!!
First I am writing this post, (and I might add a short story to be determined later today or tomorrow.)
Second, I am going to make an exciting wallpaper of some sort.
And third… get ready for this; I am posting my first piece of fan art. O.o
Anyhoo more to see shortly as midnight for me is approaching and the anniversary on the 16th is soon!!!!

The Root of All Evil

Its been awhile hasn't it? Ah the busyness of life...
I've actually been fairly busy writing lately. unfortunately I am not ready to post the short story The Secrete Society of Those Who Burn Toast yet...(Its gonna be great once I get rid of typos and add more detal tho') so I am just posting this one!

I actually really like this little short and I want to make it something longer! But first lets see what people think of my idea of where the root of all evil might reside!
hahahahaha as usual this short has my weird crazy influence... ^^;;

Please comment! Constructive critism is always welcomed!


The Root of All Evil

The Root of All Evil currently resides inside my left work boot. It wasn’t a big deal yesterday, a Sunday with no work, but today, a Monday where I have work, I am annoyed to say the least. I sit kneeling on the floor staring at my shoe wondering what I should do; meanwhile Evil’s little red eyes peer out at me from the dark recesses of the boot.
Quite frankly its inhabitation of my boot is a huge problem. I would just stick my foot in, ignore it and go on with my life, but I am worried that it would bit off my leg if I tried. Same goes for sacrificing my hand to pull it out. Losing any of my limbs is definitely out of the question. I guess I could try to lure it out with some food or something, but I am pretty sure it’s surviving solely on the misery created from loosing my left boot.
Of course you may wonder why I don’t simply wear another pair of shoes, for surely I have more than one set… And I would but these are my work boots, and are a part of the very strict uniform my occupation demands… My shoe collection is small and only includes my work boots, a pair of grass stained sneakers, some sandals my misguided sister bought me for my birthday one year, and a pair of slippers. The slippers are definitely out and the work boots are currently possessed by the Root of All Evil, which leaves me the sandals and sneakers. Nobody wears sandals to work so that really narrows my options down to wear the work boots and loose my foot or wear dirty old sneakers…
I pause and think. I get up and go to the cabinet where I keep my pencils and pens. I grab a black marker and return to where my shoes sit lined in a row. The glowing red eyes look at me curiously and I think I see some teeth. I pick up my sneakers and proceed to color them black with the marker.
The red eyes watch me and I look back at them. “Ha ha!” I think, “Take that Root of All Evil! I shall defeat you with my felt tip pen!” and then I look away and continue to color them to look more like my boots. With any luck my boss won’t notice the shoe swap.
I slip on the boot imitation sneakers and tie up their laces. I stand up and give my left boot and glace and see the glowing eyes blink back at me. I pull on my hat and say to The Root of All Evil, “I’ll see you later tonight. Try not to make a mess.”
The door closes behind me as I exit my apartment and wonder whether my landlord would allow me to keep a pet… What can I say? I’ve become attached to the little bugger… it’s like having a troublesome puppy… only evil.

Thank You For Your Support!

Well the main reason I am adding this post is to thank everybody who reads my world and has supported me either from resently or from waaaaay back on MyO.
Because I am now 913th place of 12,917 worlds and have over 2000 views! ^_^
I think thats pretty good for somebody who only post the occansional short story... ^^;;
So in honor of that I have a couple of minishorts to post!!! YAY!

And the other reason for this post is because I would like to post a bounty.
Yes you read that right. Not for a person but for a manga.
(Now you may skip to the short stories if you wish)
Last year I made this wallpaper:
And I can't remember the name of the series!!! >.< NOOOOOO!!!!
So I am willing to give a reward of whatever you want (wallpapers, stories, ecards, vector portrait, you name it and I'll see what I can do) For anyone who can tell me the name of this manga...
So heres what I know: It was on onemanga.com, Iam pretty sure it was a shonen series or a seinen but Iam not sure, It was about a guy who was bidding for a date with his favorite celeb but accedentally bid on some random girl... He tries to get out of going out with her but fails and they go on a date... Then the online date bidding company talks to the young man(or it might've been a different guy) and says that they'll pay him or something to go on a date with that celeb, she turns out to be evil.
Seriously!!! PLEASE! Help me find this!
Reward: wallpaper, ecard, story, all of the above... other?


Ok mini short story time!!!

This one is unnamed

Scha scha scha whosh goes my washer machine as I sit and stare at the moving blurs of clothing spin round and round inside. Turning and tossing like the ocean at high tide. I find myself dreaming that the cloth is my life moving, moving around with unpredictable twists and turns; inside The Machine but free to my mind. Hum, hum the motor and rhythm relaxes me and I find myself in a sort of state of self-hypnosis. I close my eyes and watch the world unfold. Colors and cuts, soft and stained, shirts and shorts whirl about my tawdry laundry life. The curves and folds follow me as I turn and I decide which to follow. Red, blue, and flower patterns, polka dots, stripes, and lace float about me, as I am tempted towards one thing or the other. Finally, I decide what I want and lay the clothes out, making an empty clothes doll lacking substance; so I take its place. And as I become the clothed doll, the doll completely melts away until there’s not even a crease to remember it. I look down and the clothes are on me, are me. But it’s not time for that yet. Now is the time to hear the scha scha scha whosh of the washer machine and dream of tomorrow morning, so I can remember that tomorrow mourning will come.

This one is named "Basement Living" and might turn into a full story later.

The glorious smell of dirt and solid creaking of footsteps above. Cool, cool air, stagnant earth smell, stiff and encompassing. Inhale and sigh, I lie on cold ground looking up at the ceiling. It’s almost like being buried alive. Calm and relaxing it doesn’t even feel like times passing me by. I turn and look as a bar of light floats through a little window entrance, feet move towards me and stop. An apparition appears and winds its fingers round the window frame, and the crunched figure opens it up. With a creak and moan he squeezes inside, lands with a plonk, walks over, and lies by my side. We don’t touch but I can that his is the only warmth. He turns to me and his face is tired. I look back and give him a smile. We both sigh and turn our faces upward and imagine the sky.