Hello! This is my World...Here is where I will post my thoughts and stuff like that!!! If anything is labled a "Rant" thats what it is me going on and on about somthing I love or hate!!!!

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Tarot Challenge!

Hello everybody!
Apparently I am hosting a contest with wallpaperotaku using our shared account Aurora Borealis!

We want you to help us make our own tarot deck! Woot! ^-^

Both me and Wallie will be making prizes for the winners and its going to be alot of fun!
The prizes will probably include a fan art from wallie (who is amazing) a wallpaper from me...
aaaand maybe tarot reading from me handled through pm! ^-^


For more detail!

To sign up for a card!

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Requests? I'll Take 'Em!

Hey all!
Well I have found myself with a ridiculous amount of free time recently…
I have been working on a couple amv ideas but even that isn’t enough to keep me busy. >.>
So I am coming to you all for help! I am asking for requests and/or suggestions for wallpapers, ecards, avatars, or heck! Even mmvs! (manga music video)
Pleeease! I‘m practically begging here!

So yes if you’re interested leave me a comment or shot me a pm! ^-^


Ps. I went to a Japanese bookstore a few days ago and I picked up the last book Vassalord! Squeeeee~ I now know how it ends! <3 Now just to go through it with my kanji dictionary so I read it properly! (Cause my knowledge of kanji is not so good… I really need to memorize more)

Any Summer Adventures?

So I think I mentioned earlier that I was traveling with my uncle. (and some other family but mostly my uncle)
Well during our little trip I had quite the… experience… to say the least! lol
Somewhere in the middle of our trip, between starring at water stains, trying to cheer my uncle up and searching every single random little shop for the best tea, I started rewatching Airbender… and it struck me…
Oh My Gosh….
My uncle is… just. like. Uncle. Iroh!!!
In soooo many ways… Too many to go into...
And wait… I'm traveling with him…
And I am insistent on calling him uncle...
Does that make me Zuko?!
Or wait…
The jerk princess since I'm a girl?!
At any rate it has been an adventure, I got to have some yummy tea, meet strangers and, most of all, I got to spend time with one of my uncles.

Traveling with family is always an interesting experience! I learned alot about my uncle and had fun!

Have you had any summer adventures?


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My Short Played at Carmel!

Woooooohooooooooooo! Thats right!
The short film I spent almost a year prepping for and then spent many long hours editing got played at an outdoor theater put on by the Carmel Film Festival committee! Woot!

All is good in the world today! I didn't get to attend... sadly, but it is still a very exciting moment for me!
After all the trouble the director, writer, producer and I had getting this film together it was nice to have a fresh breath of some success!
We almost got arrested making this, we burnt a hole in a blanket, our film got partially destroyed, a bathtub almost caused our doom, we're in a lot bit of debt now, and I went a month with almost no sleep...
but we did it! :D

Check out the trailer below!

Stains, Dogs, and The British

The stain on my Wall, smuggling puppies, and why my thoughts are now narrated by a friendly British woman.

^ Thats the full title I couldn't fit in here on TheO. lol

Anyways yes that has been my week so far. (leaving out an entertaining slip on the breezeway, biting flies, and finding a shower with the best view ever)
So yeah, I went traveling with my uncle, of all things, fun, but a bit random. I worry about his balance sometimes.
I've been staying in a room with a leaky, diagonal ceiling that has a super large burnt paper colored leakage stain coming from the only tiny window in the space. (No I'm not locked up, just in an entertaining location) It has been my nemeses these past few days. "Curse you stain! I shall defeat you!!!"
Also my uncle wants us to rescue some dogs by allowing them to fly home with us… All good and fine but then he brings up his suspicions that they may be drug mules… or er dogs I guess. Siiigh… I am going to be carrying puppies on board aren't I? (My uncles face says most definitely)
Also I was reading one of my favorite authors but had to use an audio book, narrated by a British woman. (as the main character is a British woman, this makes complete sense.) The book was great (The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde by the way. Read it cause its awesome!) buuuuut… it was 12 hours of a British woman talking… and I couldn't do a British accent before, but now I can… and I'm having a hard time getting it out of my head. Last night everyone in my dream had British accents… And I have to stop myself from talking in a British accent!

Anyhoo, here's to not getting arrested taking these dogs home!
(Said in a British accent)