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7 Things for 7 Years

A bit late to celebrate but…
its been a long standing thing of mine to periodically share things about myself that you may not know. I do this A.) because its lets you know me better and B.) because I love hearing things about you guys I didn’t know. (win win right??? XD)
So here we go 7 things you may not know about me for 7 years on TheO

1. My number one fangirl moment was when I got to meet Hideyuki Kikuchi (Author of Vampire Hunter D) and Saiko Takaki (The artist of the manga version of Vampire Hunter D) My number 2 fangirl moment is that Saiko drew a picture of me in my cosplay in the back of one of the VHD manga. (The little authors note) Made my year. XD

2. I am a huge geek. I love American comics and manga alike, and am an avid Trekie as well… I grew up on scifi!

3. I have never played a video game all the way though. My gaming experience is limited to The Sims, Wii Sports and part of Kirby’s Epic Yarn (an easy game that I only played one level of because I couldn’t figure out how to jump) I decided recently to change this and may even record the process…. ^.^;;

4. I get asked a lot, plus there’s constantly “where’d you get it” discussions on TheO, but my user name has no special meaning… I didn’t even get to pick it! My account was made for me by a Tsubasa obsessed fan! (aka Wallpaperotaku) lol

5. I loooooove making amvs and mmvs!!! It’s a hobby of mine. (If you’re a Vassalord fan, chances are good you’ve seen my mmvs) I post one about every 6 months or so, but lately I’ve been getting them out quicker. In fact, I also really enjoy competing in amv contests. Two of my amvs have played at large cons! So far I haven’t won but I plan to change that! ^-^ If you have a YouTube account I’d love to add you! So look me up and send me a pm!

6. I am a Zorro fanatic. Random right??? But seriously I looooooooove Zorro… I’ve watched most of the TV series (even Black Whip which is so not Zorro and the animated blond Zorro) I’ve even read the book more than 7 times and getting to see the actual saddle used in the Disney Zorro TV show was a highlight of my summer.

7. I have acted in plenty of student films during my college days… I am not proud of them. They are on YouTube and I await the dreaded day they go viral… My rolls have included a druggie, a zombie, an angel secretary, and some voice acting as the vampire Andrew Bennett. I am less embarrassed about the last one since I directed and edited it. Feel free to check it out through this link. I may not be the best but my costars are great! Sadly I still need to finish the second half of the issue. In addition you can only see this video through this link as it is unlisted.

So what about you? Do you have any secrete fandoms? Or love making amvs? Or do you have some other interesting hobby?


7 Years on TheO! (Oh and foxes)

Woot! I've now been on this site for a long long time!!!

But really I'm posting to share this amazing song... Trust me you shall not be disappointed!
Maybe you've even heard it before, but if not you simply MUST!!!

Anyways discover the answer to a most mysterious question! lol
(also great stress relief since I'm freaking out over an interview...)

Life, Work and Some Art

Hello all!

Well I’m still in a bit of a bad mood after some… tangles with my last big project. (Sooo upset...)

So how do I deal?
I throw myself head over heels into my work to distract myself. Well… not so much work as my next big project.
Earlier this year I did my first claymation which was just a movement test to experiment with how stop motion and Claymation work. I liked it a lot!
So I pretty much immediately began work on another Claymation project! Except this time I played around with building a set and creating a mood and location. I wanted to make it longer but sadly my main character has “melted” into himself and I don’t think he can be saved… (the colors mixed)
So I’ve began the planning stages of my next big project which shall (with any luck and a lot of hunting down supplies) be a kinda abstract animation of a dream I once had. ^-^ Building the set for this is gonna be a real challenge… I’m still not very good at bodies either so that’ll be interesting once I get there…

Anyhow I thought since I never really post any art work here that I would share my early “test head” and rough sketches of my main character! Hahaha
Ah I can’t really draw but its funny to see how my sketch style looks so much like my sculpting style… >.> Guess I just have a distinct way of doing things?

External Image

I Colored Again...

Hahaha Anyone sick of my coloring yet?
lol I wouldn't be surprised if people were... It seems like thats all I do...
But I LOVE it soooooooo much! Its fuuuuun!!!

So yeah beneath is the video of this wallpaper

Check it out! http://www.theotaku.com/wallpapers/view/227850/toxic
This was a much faster coloring than the last video I shared. This one was only about... an hour or so total.
From a series I love Akumetsu! Bloody, political, economy goodness! And incidentally was the manga that got me really interested in politics, yes thats right I have manga to thank for my desire to educate myself. lol

In other news...
Nothing really... I can't think of anything... I am dead tired and should really be asleep right now...
Forgive my many typos I am sure this has...

Tomorrow I think I'm gunna go texture hunting with my camera so that should be interesting.

Ever Wondered..?

Hey everybody!
I wanted to try out a free trail of a screen capture program, it worked great but the trail just wasn't long enough!!!
>.> So sadly only my first hour of work was recorded.
It has been collapsed to 1 min 17 secs. Check it out!

Anyhoo the wallpaper will be up soon and I hope that Karmira likes it!

In other news my review world is almost up to 2000 views! Woot!
^-^ Thank you all!


Its up now so here's the link!