Hello! This is my World...Here is where I will post my thoughts and stuff like that!!! If anything is labled a "Rant" thats what it is me going on and on about somthing I love or hate!!!!

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Thank you everyone who wished me happy birthday!
My day hadn't been going so well cause I had to work on Thanksgiving into black Friday (my birthday) and my place of work didn't give me any hours for next week and some other annoying things…
Anyways long story short:
I quit at like 11 am… ^^;;
I was feeling a bit bad about it but your birthday wishes helped cheer me up!

Anyways I haven't done much to celebrate but I did get a sewing machine for my birthday so I can finally start learning how to use one! Woohooooo!!! (I know how to sew but I'm hopeless when it comes to moving up to the sewing machine)
Oh and one of my good friends somehow found Bela Legosi (Not from Twilight) tissues! For those of you who don't know, Bela Legosi is my favorite B movie actor and was the original Dracula! So random but kind of awesome at the same time!

ALSO! Thank again to everyone who reads and/or comments on my Anime and Manga Review world!!! I'm right on the edge of 4,000 views and I am so grateful! ^-^

So I like entering amv contests, its lots of fun, and its the time of year I start deciding which two are going to on to compete and on of the ways I do this is by showing 30 sec previews to people and get feedback. If you're will to do this let me know via pm or comment! I'd love to have some more critique to help me improve!
(You can also contact me via youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/solongdreamworld

Have a nice day!

Wallpaper Suggestions?

Hey all!

Life's been… interesting lately! I've been working a couple of unpaid internships…
Someday I'll get paid…
*Dollar sign eyes*

Every things good but I really really want to color!
I like coloring when I get a bit stressed, and being short on cash and getting by with unpaid gigs…
And my part time job hunt ain't goin' so hot either… >.>

And now I really want to color stuff but I don't really have any scans that are screaming out at me…
So any ideas????
Feel free to send me links or just suggest series! In fact I'm pretty much begging you to do that…
The only thing is, not all scans make for good coloring.
So try to pick scenes that would translate well into a wallpaper!

Soooo in the meantime…
Ever wonder what one of my colorings looks like without the lines?
No? Too bad!

Here's what a handful of my more resent scan colorings look like without lines!

ps. I look forward to any help I can get!

External Image

The Origin of Love

Hey all!
I just really wanted to share this lovely lovely song from the bizarre musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
While I would not recommend this movie for everyone, I think that that this song can be enjoyed by just about anyone!
Its tender and about love but has an enjoyable rock edge and lots of energy!
I like my my song energetic and fast! (this is on the slow end for me but still so very pretty)

The song is talking about an actual theory about the origin of love. That at one point we were two people existing as one person but one day the gods grew fearful and angry and tore us all in half. The feeling of looking for your "other half" and the desire to be complete is the feeling called love.

Anyways the song puts it better than that! And the movie version is also accompanied by lovely simplistic animation.
So even though this movie may not be for everyone, give the song a listen and the scene a watch!

Bwaha Fullmetal Alchemist

Hey all!
My friend and I were marathoning Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, 2 days straight, and I have Fullmetal on the brain!!!
Anyways we were watching the show and noticed this hilarious scene where it looks for a spilt second that Scar it shooting laser beams from his eyes!
So of course I made a gif for my friend to share on her Tumbler and I figured I'd share it here too! ^-^

Feel free to use this gif for whatever you'd like! If anyone wants an avi sized version let me know and I'll post a smaller one without my signature.

External Image


A little feedback?

Hey all!

I've been working on this coloring and I could use a bit of feedback on the color choices and such.
I'm coloring this picture as a personal challenge and I want it to look as cool as possible! ^-^

So what do you think?
I'm not sure about the blue at the bottom yet... (those astronaut guys)
I'm also debating adding more texture to the egg sack. (not a sentance I get to write everyday! lol)

External Image

Here's the scan I'm using for anyone curious....

Anyhoo, I plan to finish this up sometime tomorrow afternoon so if there's a link to the wallie under this I've finished already. ^^