Hello! This is my World...Here is where I will post my thoughts and stuff like that!!! If anything is labled a "Rant" thats what it is me going on and on about somthing I love or hate!!!!

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Help for a Reward..?

Sorry I've been so absent! I still check TheO every day and I've still been looking at wallies and reading posts… I've just been too busy (and I admit sometimes too lazy) to do anything.
I've been working, and doing other random life things. (Like turning 24, my friends getting married, bank drama, maybe moving, blah blah blah adult stuff)
I plan to start commenting more often and trying to post more often as well.


I've also been getting ready for my annual amv making frenzy!!! As some of you may know I like entering amv contests at conventions! This year I plan to enter Fanime and AX (anime expo) and maaaaybe Sacanime in the late summer depending.
Anyways I need some help… I oringally made this amv just for fun… but one of my friends says I should use it as one of my submissions… I think it's too obscure a series to play well at a con, but I am proud of it. So if anyones interested, and has some time, give it a watch and let me know what ya think! (I'll make you a thank you gift!!!) XD

I know I've mentioned it before, but if you sub me on YouTube and let me know you're from TheO I will 100% sub you back!!!


I Need a Desk LOL

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My life today.

Also I've got a job working a a portrait studio for the holiday season. Its been interesting… I'm not the best at making sales so… >~< But at least all my bosses and coworkers are super awesome!!! SO I apologize for being very inactive this past month or so!

I have also been longing for the new Dragon Age game… But I have no platform to play it on! nooooooo
This is me… all this last week… (The photo studio I work at is right across from a Game Stop…)
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Ok that has a been a quick update! Feel free to share either of these images! lol I made the GIF as an card but its too big to upload…

My Top Songs (meme thing)

SO I didn't do anything for my TheO anniversary… PLus I've been uber inactive…
So I furred lets do a meme thing!

So today I shall share with you all…
My Top Ten Most PLayed Songs in my iTunes Library! (And I have enough songs to play for a week and never repeat one)
Also please share yours on your world or in the comments! I'm curious and I'm always looking for new music to love!

My Top Ten Most PLayed Songs in my iTunes Library
Links included! (shown for least to most plays

10, Pyromaniac by Oh Land with 119 plays
I love its romanic and catching lyrics!

9. Addicted to You Avicii with 120 plays
Darn these catching pop songs that go great with Photoshopping!!!

8. Devils by Say Hi with 121 plays
Now you guys get to hear some of the rock I love!

7. The Theme Song to the show Cybersix with 130 plays
I LOVE this show, I love the theme song, and the end song. I love everything about it. And yes I was thrilled that there was a karaoke version of the theme on the DVD!

6. Anyone by Moving Units with 140 plays
I love the strong beat and the longing lyrics

5. Shine a Light Down by Mercy Arms with 144 plays
This song is about a tom cat roaming the streets. An Alternative song that I just adore. Also Appearently this song is super unknown as I cannot find it on youtube or on the internet other than iTunes and one illegal download site. D:
So I guess if you want to hear it you can go to this website and push play instead of download...

4. You Make me by Avicii with 181 plays
I know I know… Avicii again… but… his songs are catchy…

3. Déjà Vu by 3OH!3 with 202 plays
Yes. Its a stupid pop song about bars. But do you know what? When I hear this song I hear the sad tale about a man who is having problems and stuck in a rut in life desperate to escape but knowing how. And I both like that and relate. PLus its super catchy.

2. Something Is Not Right With Me by Cold War Kids with 286 plays
I just love the beat I love the lyrics! (great to sing while I'm looking like a crazy person on the bus)
I even made a wallpaper with it!

1. Counting Stars by OneRepublic with 317 plays
This is one of my never give up songs! (along with The Roses of Success) Peps me up every time.

Ok now I'm gonna go pass out…
Enjoy this gif I made but was too big for an ecard! (its from Cybersix XD)
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Amvs, Requests, Life


XxArrancarFanxX gave me their oh so wonder list of scans! <3 And while I slowly work my way through those scans (Some I like but need to figure out how to do…) I am still open for requests! Woot! So if you want a wallpaper made, comment here or send me a pm! Heck, I'll color something for you to use in a wallpaper if you really want.
I feel like I haven't mentioned it enough, but some of my colorings are totally available without backgrounds and I'll send pngs without backgrounds by request. Sadly only the newer ones, and only ones with simple backgrounds… but there you go. I should really just compile a list of which ones they are… They're mostly ones where I am not happy with the back ground I made so I don't mind if other people want to try their hand at them. Dang I should really just put together a list with my handful of rules….

External Image

Other than that I realized that I don't think I've ever posted one of my amvs here on TheO… Which is crazy cause I love doing convention contests and al that jazz. I have yet to win one, next year shall be my year!!! >~<
But I have played a a few cons. Which makes me happy. ^_^
Heck I'm constantly looking for test subjects people to give me feedback on rough cuts.
So if I can force anyone wants to… XD

So here's my most resent amv that I made for, and played at Fanime 2014!

Have a nice day!

Portal, Wallpaper Requests & Fails

Sorry I’ve been insanely not active… I just can’t find the right pictures to inspire me lately. Although, I have read a lot of manga (as always) including one about a penguin. So due to my lack of inspiration I will be taking any requests or suggestions! (please provide a link to the picture if you want something colored)

So… I’ve been trying to play more video games. (even though I am absolutely terrible) And so during the Steam summer sale I set aside some money to be used for buying video games.
And I’ve been trying to defeat Portal… And yeah spoilers coming up so skip this if you’re somehow one of the few people who don’t know all the spoilers. (Even I knew them before getting started)

Spoliers here
So. People who’ve played Portal, I have a question?
Why the warning of “The cake is a lie!” Wouldn’t “The cake is a lie and a crazy robot is going to try to drop you in a pit of fire and you’re going to have about 30 seconds to find an escape route before you burn to death all while a picture of cake stares at you mockingly” be more appropriate??? I don’t understand why people don’t ever mention that little detail… I screamed in shock when it happened… and when the turrets (I call them lovingly by what they really are, which are freaking death robots) first showed up. Scared me so dang bad… “I see you” whispered behind me and then bam! Dead.

And for those of you who enjoyed My Mom Watches AoT, I was talking to her about Portal and the fire pit of not cake, and she reacted with such shock and sincerity “They would lie to you like that?!” I laughed so hard.

Spoilers Ended

Sometimes I get comments on my wallpaper commenting saying they “look great!” But what you all don’t see are all the half finished terrible failures on my computer… So because I feel like it, here are some of my failed wallpapers!!! (and for those of you wondering, no most of these are not old failures)

External Image