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An Abstract Idea

My entry into PuppylovePyro's "Death" contest.
I know it's pretty long... But the lines are short and it reads fast
I want to see if anyone gets what Iam talking about...
I feel like I didn't make it too hard, so I guess I'll see.
My views always go up but nobody comments! TT.TT

I hope you enjoy!


An Absratct Idea

Never so found
As before one learns
The pure dew falls
So fresh in mourning
Only to dry in day
And disappear
So not to be seen

The colors swirl around
A confused mind
Solid walls
Tall tree trunks moving
Made of dark
Creek and moan
They walk upright

A sprinkler sprays
Wet drops miss the ground
Create a river
Moving down

Shoved from behind
Pulled to the side
Seven men
For seven handles
Heft the heavy
And carry the crate inside

Ashen planes on necks
Face to the front
And the doors open wide
All is dark within
A feeling-less feeling
A young mind

The crowd moves within
Only to find
Nothing but air
With words
Of empty hope floating
Up to the sky

Hands linked
For reasons unknown
To a tired mind
Rows of blocks
The bees swarm to their hive
They sing their hymns of honey
To loll to sleep
Their anxious butterfly

Songs lifted up
To the tops
Of wooden pillars
To be set on marble alters

An abstract an idea
Presented for the unseen
Words are spoken
Unheard by all
Promises to be lost
With time that ticks

Movement again
In the reverse
The flock moves
Towards the quarry
Filled with valued stone
And people that do not move
Trapped in Medusa’s spell

An open mouth
Stands at the ready
To eat and naw
An oval forms around
The vast pit to the monsters stomach
A foe to this mind

Half seen shadows move
Lift, lift
Lower, lower
A twist and boom
The creature burps
As the food hits

Lilies white snow
Drop with sleet
To wash all the meal down
And heaps and heaps
In rhythm roar
The sound of earth hitting earth

A brick held
By one tall figure
Opens to reveal
A hidden agenda
And ears open
To take in small comforts

A mind is expanding
As it begins to understand
The mystery surrounding
A very strange day
Orbs that widen
And a mouth that drops
A window opens
A door that locks

The snail crawls from its shell
And wonders into the light
Then poof
What magic
Becomes as dust
To be lost
In swift wind
A child
Becomes an adult

I finally did it!!!

I am an Otaku Legend now!!!
in other news I finished editing my movie and it will most likely be up before the end of this month!

Life's pretty awsome right now!


News and a Story!

Some interesting little news followed by a random story!
(The story is random because I am about to write it now from the top of my head… soooooo, yeah…)

I wrote a script for my film class about a month ago. The class liked my idea so me and 5 other scripts were chosen to actually be filmed. I then became the writer/producer/director of the project. O.o
Needless to say I’ve been working really hard on this project!
The news is that once editing is done (I started today) I am going to try to put it on YouTube and you can all watch my story in the near future!!! ^-^ (and since it’s me you KNOW it’s going to be weird! Lol)

Now it is random story time!

The sun beams down beneath the blinds. Sneaking through the cracks in it’s shelter. Nothing is completely dark and nothing can keep out that bright, bright light.
It annoys me.
Sometimes I feel as though the sun is teasing me. Saying “You can’t come here! You’re a disgrace, a beast, and I will beat you.”
I want to get away from here.
This old abandoned dormitory no longer holds any secretor mystery. Except, perhaps, for me being inside of it.
I crawl father into my dark corner and try to sleep.
The sun is far too bright.
I end up starring at it until it sets.
Night is my domain, and nobody can stop me.
I run down dark deserted streets fog hovering just above the ground. I bet to an outsider it’d look like I was flying. I wish that I really could fly… but stories of flying are just myths. The closest I’ve gotten is a cramped airplane, and that was a very long time ago.
Eventually I get to my chosen venue in this area. A little park, three streetlights and a bench. Nice and quiet; it’s perfect.
I set down on the bench beneath one of the yellow lights. A little puddle of safety to humans from the big bad dark.
I wait.
Right on cue, there he is.
My meal ticket.
“You actually came!” he says it a little bit surprised.
I understand why. Not many women would agree to meet a stranger for a date in a dark park, but not many women are like me.
“Yes.” I reply smiling.
His idea of a date apparently involves trying to eat my ear after a cheap dinner at a small dirty diner. It is a hour after we met and we have already made it full circle back to the park. Its gross and tickles, but I let him in order to pump his confidence enough lure him into the shadows.
It works he gives me a silent signal and we’re backing out from under the lamp onto the wet grass and the dark.
He lays me down and tries to make his move.
I have him now.
I twist him down so that I am on top and reach down to kiss his neck with my teeth.
His blood oozes out of the wound. The man feels that something is amiss and attempts to wriggle free. I have him though.
My fangs have sent a chemical for paralysis into his blood and I am now receiving the real meal.
The warm blood fills me up as I embrace his cooling body.
His warmth enters me and I can taste life in the air.
Once he is gone I drop the body onto the ground and walk away.
There is no need to do anything else.
I really don’t want to go back to my current residence. It’s abundance of cracks which let in light irk me to no end. I decide to find a new home base. I look up at the sky; there’s plenty of night left.

I hope you all enjoyed that piece!
Feel free to comment!


Random Rants

The following are some problems I've had and me just going on and on...
Hopefully at least a little funny!!!


I go to turn on my computer after class, as always. I open it up and… AGAIN?! WTF!?! Why, how, when?! When did my computer screen get so messy?! Its smudged there’s markings on it like I was touching it with my fingers! When did that happen??? I JUST cleaned it when before I put it away an hour ago! AN HOUR AGO!!! And no one else has been in the room!

Computer Screen Smudge Gnomes did it.

I can be a very forgetful person… I am at constant risk for forgetting my keys and getting locked out of my building/room. I once almost left my room without my shoes on. And I have left the room and had to came back because I’ve forgotten my backpack a couple of times. Today I actually got out side my room before I noticed that I had left my keys inside! “NOOOOOO!” I yelled and whirled around. The door was about to close! Luckily I managed to grab the door handle JUST in the nick of time, and grabbed my keys.

I check for keys every time I leave my room (I wear them around my neck). I also mentally check the contents of my backpack too. Only if I say “yes” to these questions do I get to leave my room.

If you are one of the following people please forgive me, but what is it with people who like telling their life story to people in elevators?! First off, WHY ELEVATORS?! Is it because the listener is trapped within it’s confines, and thus forced to hear your story? Or maybe it’s the relaxing elevator music? Perhaps the décor of the elevator reminds you of your childhood? Could it be that people feel helpless due to the trapped atmosphere of the small space? Second, why me? Is there something about that says “tell life story to in elevator”? I have had this happen on many occasions…

I should probably start wearing headphones on elevators and lifts.

Vector Art of Wallpaperotaku

I must be crazy, but this was fun to make!
I don't remember how many hours it took to make... More then 4 tho'... I think...
I got permission from wallie to post it too! ^.^ I dedcided to put it here rather than in fanart tho'. Just because!
Made using Photoshop CS4 and about 200 layers.

Please comment!


Heres the link to the pic!