Hello! This is my World...Here is where I will post my thoughts and stuff like that!!! If anything is labled a "Rant" thats what it is me going on and on about somthing I love or hate!!!!

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In Progress During the Chat!

Hey all! Join in the reunion chat and here's what I'm working on while chatting!


ps This is a VERY rough still so... don't judge it too harshly! >~<

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Thanks & Progress!

First off I want to thank everybody for the birthday wishes! YAY!
It means a lot you took the time to comment on my portfolio/gave a gift!!!

Secondly, I want to say Well guess I haven't posted a world post in awhile...
^^;; I'm s awesome on top of things! I swear!

And lastly I want to share my in progress manga scan coloring! (Cause why not!)
Feel free to leave input on the coloring! I always love advice/suggestions!
Also this is... a like 35% finished coloring... that means I have most of the basic colors down but no effects of anything fancy or cool that makes it awesome yet...
So yeah!
Hope you all enjoy seeing what a mess it looks like before a good spit shine!!!

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Update: Amv & Wallpapers!


It's been awhile since I've posted anything here so I'm giving a quick update!

I've been working on my contest entries for some of the wallpaper challenges up! yay!

um lets see... I'm going to try to jump back into my manga and anime review world! (so look forward to that!)

So here's some of my latest work! My newest amv and a preview of a wallpaper I'm working on!!!

If you sub me on youtube and let me know you're from here I'll sub you back right away!

And here's the wallpaper preview! (If you're familiar with Hellsing let me know how you feel about the glove color. I'm on the fence about it)
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Help for a Reward..?

Sorry I've been so absent! I still check TheO every day and I've still been looking at wallies and reading posts… I've just been too busy (and I admit sometimes too lazy) to do anything.
I've been working, and doing other random life things. (Like turning 24, my friends getting married, bank drama, maybe moving, blah blah blah adult stuff)
I plan to start commenting more often and trying to post more often as well.


I've also been getting ready for my annual amv making frenzy!!! As some of you may know I like entering amv contests at conventions! This year I plan to enter Fanime and AX (anime expo) and maaaaybe Sacanime in the late summer depending.
Anyways I need some help… I oringally made this amv just for fun… but one of my friends says I should use it as one of my submissions… I think it's too obscure a series to play well at a con, but I am proud of it. So if anyones interested, and has some time, give it a watch and let me know what ya think! (I'll make you a thank you gift!!!) XD

I know I've mentioned it before, but if you sub me on YouTube and let me know you're from TheO I will 100% sub you back!!!


I Need a Desk LOL

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My life today.

Also I've got a job working a a portrait studio for the holiday season. Its been interesting… I'm not the best at making sales so… >~< But at least all my bosses and coworkers are super awesome!!! SO I apologize for being very inactive this past month or so!

I have also been longing for the new Dragon Age game… But I have no platform to play it on! nooooooo
This is me… all this last week… (The photo studio I work at is right across from a Game Stop…)
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Ok that has a been a quick update! Feel free to share either of these images! lol I made the GIF as an card but its too big to upload…