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Wallpapering: No lines!

Hey all!

As those of you who have followed me for awhile know… I love coloring manga scans! soooooo very very much!
I even take requests!
So feel free to drop me a pm if you've got a scan you wanna see in color!

A while back I shared what some of my colored wallpapers look like without the lines of the scan. Personally I think its pretty cool to see what it looks like without the manga tones and lines! Show how much work I did… XD

Also would anyone be interested in a coloring tutorial for Photoshop?
I'd make one if there's people interested but if not, I'll just sleep in later. XD So let me know if you'd be interested in that.

Anyways I decided to share some of my lintless colorings!
Anyhoo! Here they are! Check out my portfolio to see the finished wallpapers!
Have an awesome day/night!

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Soooo Busy!

Sorry all…
I really miss being on here more often and commenting and posting and photoshopping awesome wallies…
But I suddenly became very busy about a week and a half ago when I got a good freelance gig.
And I am tooootally getting paid to edit in photoshop! (and yes, yes it is awesome.) But sadly it is also time consuming and I haven't quite got a hand on this whole new time management thing yet... since I just started.

I have to say I am definitely staying here on TheO, I love my hobby of wallpaper making and I LOVE reviewing manga and anime on my other world, I just have to figure out this new fangled work thing so that I can figure out how to have time for everything.

I'm also currently editing an indie feature, a short web series, trying to make wallpapers for contests, getting an amv ready to hopefully get into convention contests, finishing reading a book, working on a claymation, translating a manga series, playing Dragon Age 2, and so much more… I'm just so darned busy!

So thank you all who took the time to read this and with any luck you'll be seeing updates from me again soon!!!!


ps. My hobby is video editing and photoshopping and my job is photoshopping and editing… I MUST be crazy! LOL

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Playing My First Video Game

Hey all!

First off sorry I haven't updated my review world in so long life got hectic and I just haven't had the time to reread or watch anything so I can write about it… But I shall be fixing this soon I promise!

But now for the main news!
I realized about 4 months ago that despite my love of video games I had never played one by myself… I usually just watch other people play. I failed at my one attempt to play Zelda Twilight Princess (I didn't even make it out of the first town), I couldn't even get Nemo to swim in a straight line in the Finding Nemo game, and I am well know among friends for being a terrible gamer. But darn it! I just love the stories and the bits of violence and the excitement games can give!

To the point, I bought a game and I have been playing it.
My goal is to play the entire game through with no help, spoilers or cheats. Its been very difficult for me. >.> graaah! Why are there so few health potions?!? I wish I was lying when I say this but… I literally spent an entire hour walking in circles because I kept missing the turn I needed to take… and I spent three freaking hours trying to defend a city from darkspawn and had to actually go back to a previous save, because apparently I missed all the things I was supposed to do in the city. -_- Which included recruiting every bloody person I could find to fight because evidently they all locked themselves indoors like cowards… Come on! You'll die if you don't freaking help out! You gonna die inside? or die die trying to live??

Anyhoo I wanted to share. ^-^ By the way the game I'm playing is Dragon Age Origins and it is really fun!
I'll probably talk more about it some time.
But for now just mentally send me you're gaming powers so I can somehow beat this game!

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Wallpaper Secrete Santa List

Hi! So I signed up this year for this here santa list! (Cause it looked fun!)

So here's my list!

I'm pretty flexible with style or series and if you wanted to surprise me with I series I don't know, thats cool too.

Some of my favorite series are:
Tsubasa by CLAMP (Syaoran is my favorite)
I'm a huuuge fan of anything Vampire related!
Vampire Hunter D
Zetmen (Gotta love Jin!)

My favorite colors are royal purple and dark red.

I hope thats enough to give options!

ps Happy Holidays!

Thank you!

Thank you everyone who wished me happy birthday!
My day hadn't been going so well cause I had to work on Thanksgiving into black Friday (my birthday) and my place of work didn't give me any hours for next week and some other annoying things…
Anyways long story short:
I quit at like 11 am… ^^;;
I was feeling a bit bad about it but your birthday wishes helped cheer me up!

Anyways I haven't done much to celebrate but I did get a sewing machine for my birthday so I can finally start learning how to use one! Woohooooo!!! (I know how to sew but I'm hopeless when it comes to moving up to the sewing machine)
Oh and one of my good friends somehow found Bela Legosi (Not from Twilight) tissues! For those of you who don't know, Bela Legosi is my favorite B movie actor and was the original Dracula! So random but kind of awesome at the same time!

ALSO! Thank again to everyone who reads and/or comments on my Anime and Manga Review world!!! I'm right on the edge of 4,000 views and I am so grateful! ^-^

So I like entering amv contests, its lots of fun, and its the time of year I start deciding which two are going to on to compete and on of the ways I do this is by showing 30 sec previews to people and get feedback. If you're will to do this let me know via pm or comment! I'd love to have some more critique to help me improve!
(You can also contact me via youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/solongdreamworld

Have a nice day!