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Animated Music Videos! (you haven't seen!)

Hey all!
Its been awhile since I’ve done any kinda blog post and I figured this would be a good little post to make!

I’m guessing since you’re on this site you like animation, and I figured most people like music! So here are some AWESEOME animated music videos you (probably) have never seen or heard of!
So there’s not gonna be any really famous vids here! Which I'm defining as less than 2 million views.

Not in any particular order!
ok! This song is Tais Toi Mon Coeur by Dionysos Ft. Olivia Ruiz. This song/video has a long pretty interesting little history. It is related to the French animated movie Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart. This song however is not in the movie. As far as I can tell this video was made before the movie because the band are friends with the man who wrote the book the film is based off!


When I Was Done Dying by Dan Deacon was produced by Cartoon Network for one of their late night surprise videos. Of all the music videos on this list, this is the one you’ve most likely see. (with one and a half million views) A collaboration between several prominate animators. It is awesome.

CRUISR - All Over. How this video only has half a million views I shall never understand! Packed with movie references and smooth animation its really fun to watch!

Somewhere Else by FRED. This is a band and song I’d be SHOCKED is any but me has heard of. I really like this video. Its deceptively simple but very colorful and soothing!

FML by K.Flay is maybe a bit on the nose with its metaphors about alcohol addiction but still REALLY cool, coloring and fun!

The Rifle’s Spiral by The Shins. I love stop motion and this song! VERY awesome music video!

Let me know what you think, if you've ever seen any of these before, and if you know of any other good ones!!

Color Lists and Pain!

Hey all! Sorry I’ve been woefully inactive lately!

This is for a few reasons… Partially being busy, partially working on other side projects, but a big reason is my carpel tunnel being just awful lately. My arm up yp my shoulder gets painful shooting spasms and tingly numbness.
I’ve learned how to do most things on my computer with just my off hand. (Like right now, typing shockingly fast for just one non dominate hand) However I can’t do complicated photoshop left handed. Even the thing I’m including below I had to cheat and use both hands.

Anyways, I expect to be up and running soon and there are sooooo many scans I want to color!!!! AH! I wanna color right now dang it!

Oh well… sooooooooon.

So I thought I’d share some of the scans in my “manga to color” folder!
I f you think one of these is especially cool drop a comment and I’ll try to do it first!

Also if you have a manga scan or personal art you want to see colored post me a link! I’m always open to requests or trades or what have you. (I don’t require a trade for a coloring tho lol )

Thanks all!


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In Progress During the Chat!

Hey all! Join in the reunion chat and here's what I'm working on while chatting!


ps This is a VERY rough still so... don't judge it too harshly! >~<

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Thanks & Progress!

First off I want to thank everybody for the birthday wishes! YAY!
It means a lot you took the time to comment on my portfolio/gave a gift!!!

Secondly, I want to say Well guess I haven't posted a world post in awhile...
^^;; I'm s awesome on top of things! I swear!

And lastly I want to share my in progress manga scan coloring! (Cause why not!)
Feel free to leave input on the coloring! I always love advice/suggestions!
Also this is... a like 35% finished coloring... that means I have most of the basic colors down but no effects of anything fancy or cool that makes it awesome yet...
So yeah!
Hope you all enjoy seeing what a mess it looks like before a good spit shine!!!

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Update: Amv & Wallpapers!


It's been awhile since I've posted anything here so I'm giving a quick update!

I've been working on my contest entries for some of the wallpaper challenges up! yay!

um lets see... I'm going to try to jump back into my manga and anime review world! (so look forward to that!)

So here's some of my latest work! My newest amv and a preview of a wallpaper I'm working on!!!

If you sub me on youtube and let me know you're from here I'll sub you back right away!

And here's the wallpaper preview! (If you're familiar with Hellsing let me know how you feel about the glove color. I'm on the fence about it)
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