Trophy Race

Here we are at the Imaginary trophy awards nominations ,first ,for the ones that haven’t hear the news ,let me explain all about them. Well reading Adam’s update you will find that there are 4 types of trophies .

Black(little) ,Bonze ( modest), Silver(good), Gold (Abundant),Ruby(Exuberant).

Yes there is a Legend that there is an award waiting for the first member that gets all Ruby Trophies but let me give you an idea of what that means.

Walls : Over (24000 hugs ) Ironwill poster (131000) OMG Kitaburg) Ruby
Fan Art : (1900 hugs) Average (I have that one 2 XD ) Ruby
Comments : Over 5000 (O_o wow I have that one :p) Ruby
Cards : Over 1500 (not a single card been made by me :3 ) Ruby
Comics: Over 1000 I didn’t even saw a single Ruby
Fan World : Unknown
Quizzes Unknown

Walls : over 500 Gold
Comments: over 1500 Gold
Fan art: over 450 Gold
Cards: over 800 Gold
Comics ????
Fan World Unknown
Quizzes Unknown

Walls over: 350 Silver
Comments: over 600 Silver
Fan art : over 350 Silver
Cards: over 400 Silver
Comics : ????
Fan World: Unknown
Quizzes: Unknown

Walls : over 290 Bonze
Comments: over 200 Bronze
Fan Art : over 260 Bronze
Cards : over 80 Bronze
Comics: over 400 Bronze
Fan World: Unknown
Quizzes : Unknown

Wallpapers: Yeah it’s a long ,long work to get you a Ruby trophy for this one .It will need like doing over 100 wallpepars and that surely takes time .For me since I have a taboo for Wallpapers I will need to look for a sensei (Points at Iron will ). It’s possible to get it with a lot of hard work .If you don’t like Wallpapers getting this one will be a hard work. Thanks god for screen shots , Maybe with some teaching I can get bronze .

Comments : Finally some good recognition for the hard work of commentors .Well getting bronze and silver shouldn’t be a problem .You probably already have 1 of these already .But getting Ruby will take a lot of kindness and a big hearth to get you over the 5000 comments . Well yeah , it’s the only trophy you actually get by giving a long work to help others work . I just know 4 persons that have this one and probably Iron will is close to having it to .So let’s make them five counting me XD .

Fan Art : Well It’s going to be a little hard to get you this one if you don’t like drawing at all. Maybe with some sacrifice you will get bronze, even silver. Gold requires a bit of hard work ,for Ruby you got to love Fan Art .

Card: Take a good screen shot ,write something funny ,repeat the process ..Maybe it wont be that hard if you like the humor .Well you don’t actually have to work so hard on each card since u can take screen shoots .So I guess this one is more accessible than other trophies to archive .Still getting gold and ruby will need going over the 50 cards :3 .

Comics: Searching for the holy grail ,getting ready to climb the tallest mountain with no gear .Well if you are crazy you might want to try this one for ruby since the best I saw was a Bronze . Since the main attribute for comics are views (not even the best one’s or more famous what so ever ) get more than 20 per comic book ,you might take a long time to get to 500 .And since 500 hugs was the most I saw this trophy will be something impossible to archive. Maybe if you try short comics (a bunch of them) ,you might reach the silver one .Since the is no one with gold or Ruby ,only time will tell if it’s possible. Maybe this one need to be scaled , it’s to hard >< .

Fan Worlds : Gah can’t believe they don’t take account on the myotaku visits and posts. Yeah seems they forgot again that myotaku is part of the site and I want myotaku to count for this one T.T . There is no easy way to measure since the user get the visits chars privately .If someone haves silver , gold ,ruby for this one, please let me know your number of visits.

P-D : I visited like 100 users to get as close as possible to the number of hugs for the Trophies .But I can have a number mistake of - 50 to 50 of some of them .

For the final note, yeah I’m not crazy to try to get all Ruby . I’m more thinking of having a decent bronze on all ,what you think please comment ^^ .