The hidden funny flaw

Hi everyone and it’s good to be back on the posting .Today I really have a funny report to make and don’t worry ,it’s going be the funny type one. Well I bet some of you guys have noticed ,that sometimes there are users ,that left otaku and their art was deleted . Well not completely deleted ,because the favorite mini picture still stays on the favorite section .The interesting facts about this ,is when you click the picture and doesn’t send you to the place .Instead you will get a message, that can be very weird indeed .First I thought it was only 1 message, but then I discovered that after recycling the page it changed. Actually there is a bunch of them, and I thought it be fun to give you the link and let you check some of them.

Ehh? Who Are You And What Are You Doing In The SOS Brigade HQ?!
The Third Impact Has Struck...
HAAAAAH! What?! Nothing Loaded? That's Impossible!!
The Black Wind Howls...
All Your Base, etc.
You've Hit This Page's Weak Point...For Massive Damage
The Page You Have Requested Retails For $599, Do You Still Want It?
This Is The Most Ingenious Page Ever Built; A Tribute To The Founder's Imagination, Genius, And Technical Skills
Hey, Amigos! There's A 50,000 Woolong Bounty For This Page. Good Luck!
Sorry, But Our Princess Is In Another Castle
The Page You Are Looking For Is Currently Finding Love By Rescuing A Pretty Woman On A Train
You Can Recover - Believe It!
This Page Does Not Exist. This Page Has Nothing To Do With Raccoon City. Thank You For Your Patience. Courtesy, Umbrella Corporation
I Am Sailor Moon, Champion Of Webpages! For Breaking This Page, I Will Punish You!
You Were Supposed To Go Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right...
The Page You Are Looking For Is Hiding Beneath Kakashi's Mask
This page is only available to aliens, time travelers, and espers(thanks kenji5678)

Can you tell the series from which each one comes .I think it will be a funny thing to do and I still wonder If I missed one :3 .Well have great fun and it’s always wonderful to change the name of my worlds :P .I think I will explore that chance to make funny things. Yes I know I should be studding ,so better to go and give a last push for the last days. Yes we are all victims of Adams ideas .Hope you all have wonderful fun with this ,take care ,and hope to be with you all with another funny fact about version vibrant .