Account hacked and ways to recover it

Imagine for one second an account being hacked, now Imagine the nightmare to discover is was your account.Can't really start to describe the nightmare I went through some days ago when I found out that :

1.- Yes, I was hacked.
2.- Yes, I lost my account here in otaku.
3.- No, trying again my password didn't work.

So I will tell the story and also how to save yourself from a hacking so "READ THIS IT MIGHT HAPPEN TO YOU!!!".

Seems someone at work wanted to do me a very mean joke and took my computer to try some hacking.There are times you will be vulnerable at work or at many places when you have internet access and a comfortable zone where you think your things are safe.

So just 2 days ago wanted to go and to chat as usual and saw that I didn't had the pass for my email and also for theotaku account.Time is very important so you must act fast.

Steps to prevent the permanent loss off account and email account:

1.- Go to (theotaku)profile and write an email address,be sure it's the correct one and if possible don't make it your main account of mail,that one will probably be hacked .

2.- On the email you wrote on theotaku-profile ,check you have another email reference in case you need to recover that mail account because it got also hacked.

For example I have

theotaku -7 hotmail -7 yahoo and thinking to extend it to another account in gmail.
This way to loose all your accounts to a hacker would take a lot of knowledge and time.

*Remember to write all the email and passwords in a secure page and save it in your bedroom.

Steps to save your account and email account:

1.- Don't panic,grab your computer and start to work.

2.-Check what emails you don't have access and try using your recovering site method.

3.- If you can't access one try your reference and if you don't have a referred email address then contact support and ask to block your account because it got hacked.You have to give them the email address and do it fast.

It was close but didn't had to ask Adam to block my account.
Remember people might start to send bad comments and even deleting stuff.

In 20 minutes you can have all your accounts in control,but don't forget to check each mail account you have and what mail you will refer that mail account.It takes time but it's the best to have all your accounts secure.Gmail haves the best security in your password recovering.