This a world where I will randomly post descriptions of fan characters that I come up with in the hopes that someone will draw them for me.Oh.Everyone else can also blog here for the same reason.So anyways I hope that it will do its job.

Poetic fool of ignorance

Three words that relate.
A shattering soul
And a resonating darkness.
This is what I create.

Contest Return

I am hereby reopening the previous contest in hopes that someone will finally give an entry.This time the deadline will be in three weeks so be diligent and start posting entries for me to judge.


Name:Yoh Kinomura
Birth:January 1,1993
Occupation:High School Student;Undercover Super-Soldier
Weapon:Super Advanced Bio-engineered Armor
Relations:none due to line of work
Background:Yoh was born into a hard life.His mother passed away giving birth to him and the rest of his family abandoned him.For years Yoh lived a lie at school.No one really knew him well since he never attempted to make friends.He worked and lived in a hotel since he was 7 years of age.He never knew what it was like to live a normal life.On his 17th birthday he was offered a large sum of money to be a test-subject in a military experiment titled "Project:Alibastair".The experiment caused a drastic change in his life when it ended badly.It fused him with a super armor.Now he works as an undercover super-soldier defeating a foreign alien menace.


P:cold, emotionless, distant
R:none(so he says)
W:Keyblade of dreams
powers:able to bend reality and create illusions
homeworld:unknown, but he has been seen hanging around Radiant Gardens
background:Not much is known about Tezna except that he appeared around the same time as the new keyblades.Some believe he may have a connection with them somehow.Currently he is wandering around Halloween Town with Sora and crew.


Guess what?Thats right,its already contest time.I am asking anyone who reads this world to draw either one of the four characters on the list or draw one of their own with a background description following.Each self done oc must also include the show or game from which the character relates to.The contest will last until the end of spring break and will re-open soon after high school graduation.So i give all challengers my approval to put these characters in any scene or even comic of their choice.P.M. me when you are redy to be judged.Good luck and gan batte.By the way the best design receives the rights to one of the characters, a gift, and may suggest theme of my next world.