I will never let you fall,
I'll stand up with you forever,
I'll be there for you through it all,
Even if saving you sends me to heaven.

So yeah. That'd be me, right there, right there.

Hmm. I'm Jack. Kid with the glasses. Even though I wear contacts normally. Fo sho yo. Duhh. I'm 15. I can be a happy person when I want to be [x Though when I get annoyed, I really get annoyed [: So don't get on my bad side, fools :3 I am in fact not single anymore.

My birthday is the 4/05. But you americans are crazy. So that to you reads as 5th of April. Because you do months frist ;P In england that reads 4th May. Which is my actual birthday.

I have nicknames. E-Romeo/Jack Skellz (Inside joke), Teh Orgasm (Inside Joke), Jacko, Ginger. But I don't really like being referred to as them, unless they are inside jokes. So call me Jack :3

Don't hurt me. Physically or emotionally. I don't like it. And it makes things awkward. Awkward turtle. :3 Plus, when I get upset, some other people get upset. And that makes me more upset and then they get even more upset. And then I get EVEN mor-- I think you get it :3

Yeah. Uhh. I have friends on here. :D Djayy[djayysaurus], Kitt[Endlessly], Chani[kittens 3], Shi-Chan[SecretMusic], Nicki[NickiNickiNicki]. Well. They're like my besties on here. The bits in [brackets] are their usernames on here. Hit 'em up. [:

WELLL. As you can tell I'm ginger. If you don't like gingers, you can stick it. Seriously, I'm fed up of being bullied because I'm ginger. So, if you don't like it leave me alone. :3 I have blue/green/gold eyes. Well bluey-green with gold flecks. I've been told they're pretty xD I'm about 1meter 78cms. I'm pale. But thats coz I'm ginger :3

I live in England. Soon to be Mexico. Well. Not really. But when I am older me and Kitt are running to Mexico. And having a child there.

Like everyone. I have hobbies~ I play piano- Badly. I draw. I think I'm okay at drawing (: I sing, which I think I am okay at, actually xD I'm very theatrical, I act alot, and I like musicals. Some may call this gay. But I think its amazing <3

DJAYY: I loves this girl to the deaths. Seriously. Don't hurt her. 'Nuff said. <3

KITT: Ahh, my yellow sunshine dealer. We've been through everything together. Yeah, I've hurt her before. But I didn't mean too, and we stills loves each other. :3

CHANI: My twinneh.We have telepathy. Seriously. We do. I'm there for her always <3 And we have a theme tune. Superman by Lazlo Bane. Or the Scrubs theme tune. >_> Thats besides the point.

Right. I guess thats it.

Jackasaurus. <3


This moment's song is A Little Faster By There For Tomorrow

Djayy again, everyone. You're probably sick of me, still from always guest posting on Jack's world. But I have now realised that A uber long epic paragraph will not explain the depth of my love for Jack Skellz. Not that I can't write one. I'm just a tad lazy right now, and I don't feel like doing anything really. But I love this kid with all the depth in my heart, and I mean that literally. He's such a special person to me, and I have also realised I need him.
This is what I get for having a friend like him.
I love you, Jack. You're my bestest friend. =]
P.S: This is why Djayy is cool. :]
External Image


Kitt here. :]
Hacking the Jack, aka the orgasm, but you wouldn't know about that now would you? Or would you? I'm not sure what this boy does in his free time. Meaning the time he isn't dancing to cheer me up. Ah, crap I said it now. So, he danced for me, I was sad, it was late, things like these happen all the time. [I also saw him molest a duck, however he swears he only bit it, and the duck liked it. xD] Moving on, this kid thinks he's a crap friend, I think he's highly diluted. If he can make my year, there is not way in all the stars he's a crap friend. Jack and I recently discovered we have the same train of thought, which is epic really. I love his euhgs, and I want a real one. :] I loved the skill in which he used to make an euhg actually mean something. xD I'm a Yellow Sunshine dealer, and Jack gets it for half price.
THAT'S how much I fracking love him.

So rawr.

Oh yeahhhhhh...

February 2nd Will's Birthday
February 13th- Last day of half termmm! :D
February 14th- Valentines Day

February 20th- Fresca's Birthday (I think)
March 19th - Will's Birthday :D
March 21st- Kaede-Chan's Birthday :)
March 22nd - Mothers Day
March 23rd-Macauleys Birthday
April 1st - April Fools Day
April 3rd ~ April 20th - Easter Hols :]

May 4th- My birthdayyyyyyyyyy~! :D
May 4th- Bank Holiday Monday, Day off school :D
May 6th- My Otakuversary :D
May 11th- Heartkruez's birthday
May 28th- Suffolk Show

June 12th- Chani's birthday
July 1st, 2nd, 3rd- Romeo And Juliet Showdays.
July 2nd- Laura's Birthday

July 17th - Summer Holiday
July 18th - Beth's Party
July 20th - Kitt's Birthday

August 2nd to the 15th - Summer Youth Project
September 7th - End of Summer D:
September 7th- Djayy's Bithday

October 12th - My Journal is ONE year old!
December 1st - Georgie's Birthday.
December 25th - Christmas.
January 19th 2010- Jack AND Djayy's ONEYEAR anniversary of Friendship.

Thursday, 16th October Passage, Time: 20:25

Hullo! How are you all? My day has been alright today... First thing, I had English, it was boring, I had to sit next to my worst enemy today and he kept on mumbling stuff about me so i just said if you are going to insult me do it out loud... After i had maths, we had a test but i reckon i did alright so... I shall tell you how i do, soon. In the end I just doodled over the back of the leaflet... Actually when i think about it now, i have had alot of tests lately... Then finally i had music... It was really good! We are making up environmental raps... It sounds lame but ours is alright, one of us is writing lyrics and I am making up music on piano to go with it... But, i have to write about it later... Boring muchly!! We have to record and sing it soon After school, I had Gifted and Talented Art and i got really annoyed because i couldn't draw the eye of this person so i "accidentally" ripped it and now i am drawing Pop-eye! After that we ( Me, Beth and Laura) all went to SJS (a small sweet shop) and grapped some food and Laura kept stroking my arm which was rather strange... * Slowly steps away from Laura * Afterwards, I looked on the internet for like 20 minuites to try and find a song, only to find that I was looking under the wrong name! Its called "Trouble" by Coldplay. I want to learn the piano for it, but that will take a while!

Little Facts: I don't like milk or water!


PS. Me and BadHairDay999 need to think of some new dares for when we (Me, BHD999 and Will(another friend)) go to the grove. The grove is a wood with a playground... HELP WANTED, WE NEED YOU, YES, YOU! TO COME UP WITH NEW DARES FOR US! SO COMMENT ON THIS OR PM ME WITH NEW COMMENTS!

PPS. Thanks to Kami-chan. x3 for allowing me to copy off her blog, but anyone ekse don't copy it with out her permission!

Wednesday, 15th October 2008, Time: 18:41pm


Today was alright except i had a massive arguement someone in art... We are doing peace posters and i was doing my background and she said it was rubbish so i said hers looked like an explosion in a paint factory! So we had an arguement and now we don't like each other! My background didn't look brilliant but alright and it really annoyed me! I noticed on kami-chans's world that she mentioned me... She is lso a very nice person and cheers me up! Thanks to her for letting me copy the stuff on her world! * hugs kami * I also had science today with the most annoying techer apart from Mr Stares... We didn't really do anything.... Boring... Then I had food tech, and as we walked in laura shouted 69 and we had laughing ffits and we made cookies and mine doesn't look that nice but taste delicious! Double choc chips! * drools * After school, i came on here and learnt the opening of the original Mario Theme Tune! Gotta Love The Mario!

Fact about me: I am gifted and talented at school in art and maths!


Tuesday, 14th October 2008 Passage! Time: 17:02

Hello! Today was pretty boring! I had french again! It was really boring, we were doing this thing about hotels and complaints, so now i have to write a made up complaint form about a made up hotel... Then form time... Assembly about Parachuting and i didn't pay attention and my phone feel out of my poket!!! HATE MY PHONE! Luckily only my form tutor was behind me so it didn't get taken... Luckily! Then when we got back to form base we were talking about our Bop-It tournament... Then I had history and we were doing a debate but my group were really annoying so i didn't do any work really, instead i drew in the back of my homework planner... Finally, we had PE... I hate pe! It is so boring! We are doing Gymnastics, i was working with someone called Mohan... He is sooo annoying and constantly tris to take control... In the end i got a 6.5 as a score... After school, i bought chocolate chips for Food Tech tomorrow and then came on here and listened to music! xD

Little Fact about me: I have had OVER 40 fish over the years!

Thanks for reading,

Monday, 13th October Passage! First Entry!!!

Hello! I am just gonna write about waht happened today and stuff! got out of bed really late and was nearly late... Went to school... First thing, RE. Probably (In my opinion) The most boring lesson and the worst start to the day ever in the history of starts of days! Our teacher is really annoying because he went on for 10 minuites about how Jesus must be real and every historian on the corridor will agree with him! I really don't like him because he repeats stuff like 7 times! I'm sure any of my classmates would agree! 2nd period i had...Maths... Well, that was interesting... I sit next to BadHairDay999 we are cool and i drew a face holding a flower and wrote "4 U!" but i don't really know who i was directing it too! But i shall direct it to: KakashisXSingerX because she cheers me up alot... My friend got told off by the teacer and he had to sit on a ramp for 20 minuites and do his work and it was quite funny! Then french where i sit next to BadHairDay999... again! I also sit next to one of my other best mates, Mac. We laugh constantly and we lol at BHD999 because of some of the stuff she does, says and attempts to say, for instance today she said "is your elbow salty?" This made me and him crack up completely... After school, I had JUDO! Yayy! I was working with Mac again! I landed on my ankle wrong and now it hurts... But I got really annoyed at the instructor because he wouldn't listen to me when i was asking a question! After Judo, I played Basketball for 30 mins on a bad ankle... It hurt!!! My mum passed her gym instuctors course thing so we are having chinese tonight, even though i really don't like it...

A little message to an Otaku Memeber!: SweetHeart7441, I am sorry i put your name wrong on my opening message! I was just trying to think of it off the top of my head! So again, Sorry!

A little fact about me: I have ONLY 1 Girl cousin.

Thanks for reading my post,