Krieg Terah's Profile

(Updated background 09/04/2015)

Name: Krieg Terah
Pokemon: Terrakion
National #: 639
Title: Cavern Pokemon
Type of Pokemon: Rock/Fighting
Nicknames: /
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Birthday: 24th July
Sign: Leo

Nature: Mild – Krieg is a kind and quiet woman, she rarely shouts or gets angry, due to all she had to deal with in her life. No matter their age, she will act like a mother with all her friends, and this includes making them lunch, tucking the blankets when they’re in bed, and threatening everyone who dares mocking/hurting her beloved.

Held Items: Butterfly Sword (see image on the left. right is Sacred Sword mode), Rock Gem.
External Image

Ability: Justified

Attacks: Smack Down, Take Down, Rock Slide, Sacred Sword, Work Up, Stone Edge, Close Combat, Earthquake, Rock Tomb, Focus Blast, Giga Impact, Bulldoze, X-Scissor, Strength, Earth Power

Weak Against: Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, Grass, Psychic, Fairy
Height: 2,00 m
Weight: 115 kg
Hair Color: Dark Brown (Umber, Winter Spruce)
Hair Length: Long, tied in a ponytail
Eye Color: Orange (Amber)
Skin Tone: Dusky Pink
Build: Big and muscular
Markings/Scars: /
Tattoos: /
Piercings: /

Appearance: At first sight, Krieg might look like a man, but she does that on purpose, as in her previous incarnations she had been always one. She likes wearing battle-fit clothes instead of fancy ones anyway, as she prefers to be always ready for a fight. Between her brothers, she’s the strongest, and has a very muscular body (she can break a watermelon just with her thighs). On her face is always a kind expression, apart when Humans are the theme of the conversation..

Personality: Very caring; being the big sister of Cobalion (Franz) and Virizion (Elethien) made her develop an endless patience and a mother-like character. If someone is in danger, she would jump into flames to save them. She has still memories of the war against humans she fought in, so around them she will always be on guard, not trusting them unless they prove themselves to be different from the past ones.

Orientation: Straight

Significant Other: /

Family: Two brothers, Franz the Cobalion and Elethien the Virizion

Hometown: Victory Road

Job: Wandering knight

Song Name: You’re Going Down

Song Artist: Sick Puppies


Likes: Fighting, training, wandering around the regions (especially visiting the caves), caring for her friends.

Dislikes: Humans, their devices for capturing gijinkas, being treated like a maiden who needs to be saved, when her friends argue.

Fears: Wounds she can’t heal.
Strengths: Hitting with a lot of strength, controlling earth and rocks.
Weaknesses: Moving quickly, hiding.

Battle Style: Like her brothers, she fights mainly with swords, even if perfectly capable of using her elemental powers. She doesn’t move fast, so in case of quick enemies, she slows them down using Bulldoze or Earthquake, depending on the number or strength of them.

SACRED SWORD MODE - when in need, she uses the combination of Sacred Sword and Close Combat. In this mode, she combines her swords into a single one, with a Rock Gem on the hilt. She starts fighting very close to the enemy, and her hits become slower but more powerful. If needed, she’ll break the Rock Gem on the ground to create a wall of sharp stones (Stone Edge).

Food: Every kind of meat

Drink: Beer
Color: Brown
Flower: Daisy
Tree: Oak
Season: Spring


Background: Krieg and her brother’s life begun during the well-known war between humans and pokemon. When they were sent on Earth, all the could see was just despair in both parties. Humans were dying by the hands of their rivals, and the weaker pokemon were killed, hurt or captured. The three had very different ways of thinking, but in the end they decided to try and talk to the humans, with the result of being chased away, almost getting captured, and the death of many of their allies. After this, they swore upon their swords to end the war with strength, if that’s what was necessary.
They divided into groups, Elethien, the faster one, would take all wounded pokemon to safety, cutting everything in the way; Franz, the proudest, would fight in the middle of the field, bringing terror in the human’s ranks; Krieg, instead, decided to give their enemies the same treatment they reserved to them. She started destroying their homes, their castles, and even their bases, both to hurt and protect. Their strategy worked, and after some weeks of fighting, the war was over.

Many has passed since then, but still Krieg has trouble trusting humans. She may have regenerated many times in her life, but her memories never changed.

After years of peace, the three warriors divided, to find a place to live. Krieg never found such a place. Her heart belonged to nowhere, as she had the mind of a wanderer. While exploring Victory road, the place she loved most, she encountered a team of what seemed like powerful warriors, apparently in search of something. She approached them, offering her help, as she knew the cave very well. The leader of the team, a Samurott, asked her they were searching for the last two teammates in order to make the most powerful team in all Unova, so they needed a legend and a dragon. When he said so, Krieg could notice that behind him, one of the companions seemed pretty annoyed by the “dragon” thing, but she didn’t bother too much. With a big smile, she offered herself as the legend, being Terrakion, of the Swords of Justice, and the leader made her part of the team without think twice about it, introducing her to the team, who were really proud of having her between them.

About the dragon, Krieg tried to be very careful, and explained they were only found in a certain zone of Victory Road. They searched, searched, searched, but nothing seemed to please the leader, who was almost ready to give up, until a young girl peeked out from a small hole in the wall, and said she was a dragon, that they passed before her many times but haven’t seen. Krieg was very happy, and felt already fondness for the girl, but most of the group looked very surprised and were about to laugh at her, half blind, very weak-looking, and were about to leave. The girl, named Hydra, really wanted to be part of them, and without thinking twice, showed them how a Dragon Pulse feels when digging in living flesh, and became a respected member too.

Things went on pretty well, until one day, while the group was divided, the man known as Susanoo the Ampharos, challenged the leader, Musashi the Samurott to a duel, nearly killing him. Krieg jumped right between them, protecting the already defeated Musashi, by the rampaging man, who was shouting at him about honor, respect and acknowledgment, telling him he was nothing but a snake that needed to be cut down for the best of everyone. Krieg tried to punch some sense into him, trying not to hurt him too much, trying to make him realize he had already won, and that keep going wouldn’t have changed anything, but he paralyzed her with his attacks, so that she couldn’t get in his way anymore. All Krieg could do in that moment was watching Susanoo, that once was a nice man, brutally decapitating his leader for not recognizing his role as the “dragon” of the team. Just when she was about to break free from the paralysis, the other part of the group got back, and as soon as Hydra saw his beloved Samurott dead, attacked Susanoo, crying and hitting him with her axe until he was as dead as the leader. While she recovered, the other two stood there, overwhelmed by feelings of pity, hate, despair. Krieg proceeded to then help Hydra and the others recover, trying not to show them how guilty she felt, and after giving the dead a proper funeral, she took charge of the team, and made them explore mountains, caves, forests and deserts of every region known, and is still going around, all to keep their mind away from the tragedy they had to live.

(Krieg’s Team
Musashi – Samurott, male;
Ares – Lucario, male;
Laufey – Weavile, male;
Susanoo – Ampharos, male;
Hydra – Hydreigon, female;)

(updated background! ^^ thanks for reading~)