Officially an adult. Able to vote, buy tabacco products, porn, and tattoos. What a life!

2012 has been a new and exciting chapter in my life... I've made great new friends and spent a ton of time with my best friend. Ive tried new and daring things, stupid or otherwise. I've done so much in a short amount of time that it is almost overwhelming, but I feel loved and wanted and special. I feel free- I have my car, some cash, and relaxed parents. This year I'm going to push the boundaries and savor the last of my teenagerhood. I think 18 is a good start.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, and all of your support over the years. I don't know how often or if I'll come back to visit TheO, but TheO was a large part of my life and has definitely shaped my personality (or inferiority complex). Remember to be confident, and to be yourself (don't commit social suicide though). Love y'all.

My best friend and I.