Hello? I'm VenusGuyTrap. I'm a boring girl with little to say. I like to post links and images. That's pretty much it. I'm taken and in love (we're a little engaged).

Here's a little music

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massive update

You can see my new hair in the video, and there's a tip for those of you who also do the Manic Panic thing.

Cleaning the bookshelf

I, annually around this time of year, clean my bookshelf and recently I found all sorts of things that my ex-boyfriend has written on. ugh. I feel sick just remembering. Needless to say, I threw out the binder notebook where he had written '<3's PACman' beneath my name.

Yesterday at work

Yesterday at work was fun. I 'made up' a new word, rollerinkin' which my manager promptly immortalized on the store whiteboard. I was speaking of "that Diet Coke commercial with all the bubbles where they're rollerinkin' around."

There is now a section called "Words that Stephanie Makes Up".
I also learned that my boss is a math professor at the local college. Badass.
We, among many other things, discussed inappropriate public behavior exhibited by children.
I once had a kid run up to me and smack my behind. A toddler. His mom freaked out, and I'm like 'chill'. I really don't think that's a big deal. I draw the line at public removal of clothing. I know lots of kids go through that stage, but if my kids do, they're doing it at home. Why take your kids to the mall anyway? The obvious reason would be lack of childcare, then we can all stay home.

"Success! Your submission has been received and, because of your status, instantly published&qu

I have learned, yet again, to save my work early and often.

My brand-new copy of Professor Layton and the Curious Village threw a classic hissy fit at me today. First, the controls (touch screen, I mean) became rough, then completely unresponsive. I had to reset. But still, I love the game.

hmm, other than that, there's not much to say. I'm dying my hair blue next.
And I drew again today. whoo. yeah, it came out awful.

A private post

Filled with people you don't know....

First off, here's the quiz.

Secondly, these are the people I normally ate lunch with. My boyfriend's friends.

1. Does Ed make you hot?
Yes, actually. He's my boyfriend.

2. What's Justin to you?
Incredibly mean

3. Have you dreamt of Stephen before?
Yes, I think I have. It was nothing inappropriate, I'm sure.

4. What would you do if Alejandro confessed love to you?
Love of what? Burritos, violence? Young women? None of this surprises me.

5. What do you think of Nick?
He looks much older than he is

6. What's your fondest memory of JC?
I can't stand the boy. My fondest memories are thankfully lacking of him.

7. Would you open a mystery gift TomTom just gave you, without much hesitation?
Oh gawd. The boy is strange, but mostly harmless. I'd open it after I affirmed that it was, in fact, for me.

8. What if you found out that Sam was secretly an alien plotting to take over the world together with Justin?
Well, seeing as Sam's an alien plotting to take over my boyfriend's pants, and Justin is power-hungry, this would only be unexpected in that Sam is completely useless.

9. What's your fondest memory of Benjamin?
We had a very interesting conversation regarding the boiling--and subsequent consumption-- of human appendages. It is very hard for me to take part in conversation with anyone without being off-put. He manages to entertain me and stimulate my clever reflex. And he takes everything I say in stride.

10. What's your fondest memory of Jayson?
gee, none stick out right now. He visits me at work, and that's usually nice.

Might as well Quickly Update

I finally finally caught Rayquaza. haha, I motivated myself by deciding I couldn't have lunch until it was caught. Named it ROGER. Oh, I hate calling the genderless 'it'. I will heretofore in my posts ignore gender specifications at my own will, and there's nothing you can do to stop me!
muahahaha. Wow, it's late.

I saw Up today, fabulous movie. But some bits were too scary. And the entire thing was very sad. I'd hate to ruin it for anyone, but a character suffers with something I've personally grown to dread. To fear greatly, that is.

Boring Sunday

The rate for catching a Pikachu holding a light orb is 1 in 20. My twenty-first Pika was finally holding one. So I've got about 30 hanging around my boxes, because I was doing it in the Safari Zone.

The Pikachu I'm breeding are churning eggs out faster than I can hatch them (which is pretty quickly), so anyone want a Pichu that knows Volt Tackle? I'm not willing to give the light orb, though. I'm going to use that for my party Pikachu.

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Other than that, today is boring.

Finals Week

This brief video has to do with textbooks and my newly-colored hair.

Friday we were playing hangman and the class was, for whatever reason, marveling my ability with words. A classmate asked me, "Do you read the dictionary?"

"No, who reads the dictionary? Do you think I'm a freak or something?" To which a boy offers a feeble attempt at comfort. "Half the class probably thinks you're a freak, but I don't." Gee, thanks. >.> lol.

My boyfriend totally dyed my hair for me. Yay.

wow, they look young.

And just some music.