1st Favorite Anime :: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duel Monsters

hELLo gUYZzz!!


--> i AM juSt hAPpy riGht noW bECAuse i'LL bE inTRoduCinG yOu my evEr evEr toP 1 mOSt fAVorite aNIme!

" Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters "

evEr sinCe thiS shOW stARts in oUr couNTRy, i'Ve bEen alWAys waTCHing thiS fROm thE stArt 'tiLL tHE enD of thE shoW... i reaLLy Love yuGi esPECiALLy Yami Yugi!! he is sUCh a coOL mAn... i rEALLy LOve thE atiTtuDe thAt thE crEAtor gAVe tO hiM ... beCAUse I mADe hiM As my inSpirATion ANd thE reSt of my fAvoRite aNiME,, i wRotE a noVEL reLAted to thEm; thEir aTitTuDes, ACtiONs, etc. bUt unTiL noW, i stiLL nOt finiSHed it duE to my bUSYneSs of SChOoL.....i rEALLy miSs tHE sHOW anD evEn in tHE sEConD seASOn of Yu-Gi-Oh, i Am stiLL waiTinG thAt hE wiLL cOme oUt bEcAUse tHe SToRy is tHEy Are aLREady a hiSTory duRing tHE nEw sEASon...eVEn i Am a giRl, i pLAy duEL cARds wiTh my bROther anD my bOy CLASsmATEs wHEn i waS a High scHOol stUDent anD hAve a Lot of COLLections of caRDs, stiCKers, noTEbOoks anD a Lot mORE..... thAt is hoW i Am so ADdictEd to Yu-Gi-Oh!!

aNY woRds thEir guYZ if you reLAte muCh??
heHEhe.. . . . . .