2nd Favorite Anime :: The Prince of Tennis

hEre i aM agAin!!

i woULd Like to inTROduCe to yOu...

~~ The Prince of Tennis ~~

...my 2nd fAve aNimE !..

tOp 1 reEAson is bECause of rYOma ecHIZen !!
--hE is vEry coOL, intELLigEnt anD hANDsoME gUy <3

tHe stORy is vEry awESOme tOo.. tHe chaLLEnges tHAt tEAm Segaku enCOunTErs aRe aLL dEFEated evEn thEy seEm hARdLy foUGht thEre oPponEnts... thEy weRe aLL vERy goOd anD thEir tecHniQUes or diFferENt skiLLS thEy haVE are sO impRESsive!!! thAT's whY mY dAy wiLL nEVr be cOMPLete if i cAn't waTch POT !! evEN i aM at scHOoL?? it'S stiLL on my miNd and alWAys a TOpic of mE and my bESTfriEnd!!!

do yOu Love POT 2?..
thEn teLL me abOUt it!!