Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters


The Prince Of Tennis


D.N. Angel

~~thiS wORLd of miNE woULd Like yOu to knOW thAt thEse aRe my mOSt fAVOritE aNimE of aLL tiMEs~~


[[ tHe piCTure shOWn aBOVe is oNLy ediTEd by ME !! ]]

1st Favorite Anime :: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duel Monsters

hELLo gUYZzz!!


--> i AM juSt hAPpy riGht noW bECAuse i'LL bE inTRoduCinG yOu my evEr evEr toP 1 mOSt fAVorite aNIme!

" Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters "

evEr sinCe thiS shOW stARts in oUr couNTRy, i'Ve bEen alWAys waTCHing thiS fROm thE stArt 'tiLL tHE enD of thE shoW... i reaLLy Love yuGi esPECiALLy Yami Yugi!! he is sUCh a coOL mAn... i rEALLy LOve thE atiTtuDe thAt thE crEAtor gAVe tO hiM ... beCAUse I mADe hiM As my inSpirATion ANd thE reSt of my fAvoRite aNiME,, i wRotE a noVEL reLAted to thEm; thEir aTitTuDes, ACtiONs, etc. bUt unTiL noW, i stiLL nOt finiSHed it duE to my bUSYneSs of SChOoL.....i rEALLy miSs tHE sHOW anD evEn in tHE sEConD seASOn of Yu-Gi-Oh, i Am stiLL waiTinG thAt hE wiLL cOme oUt bEcAUse tHe SToRy is tHEy Are aLREady a hiSTory duRing tHE nEw sEASon...eVEn i Am a giRl, i pLAy duEL cARds wiTh my bROther anD my bOy CLASsmATEs wHEn i waS a High scHOol stUDent anD hAve a Lot of COLLections of caRDs, stiCKers, noTEbOoks anD a Lot mORE..... thAt is hoW i Am so ADdictEd to Yu-Gi-Oh!!

aNY woRds thEir guYZ if you reLAte muCh??
heHEhe.. . . . . .

2nd Favorite Anime :: The Prince of Tennis

hEre i aM agAin!!

i woULd Like to inTROduCe to yOu...

~~ The Prince of Tennis ~~ 2nd fAve aNimE !..

tOp 1 reEAson is bECause of rYOma ecHIZen !!
--hE is vEry coOL, intELLigEnt anD hANDsoME gUy <3

tHe stORy is vEry awESOme tOo.. tHe chaLLEnges tHAt tEAm Segaku enCOunTErs aRe aLL dEFEated evEn thEy seEm hARdLy foUGht thEre oPponEnts... thEy weRe aLL vERy goOd anD thEir tecHniQUes or diFferENt skiLLS thEy haVE are sO impRESsive!!! thAT's whY mY dAy wiLL nEVr be cOMPLete if i cAn't waTch POT !! evEN i aM at scHOoL?? it'S stiLL on my miNd and alWAys a TOpic of mE and my bESTfriEnd!!!

do yOu Love POT 2?..
thEn teLL me abOUt it!!


3rd Favorite Anime :: D.N. Angel


here is D.N. Angel!
my 3rd fave aNimE...

wHy ??

--___beCAuse thE stORy of tHis is VEry beAUtiFul anD hAs aMAziNg chAracters.... my mOSt fAve chARacter hEre is "Dark"! he is jUSt so coOL anD yEt vEry hAndsoMe charACter toO...

----do yOu knOW boUt thiS aniMe??
----fEeL fReE tO teLL me anYTHing bOUt DN Angel!
----i woULd reaLLy Love thAt