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Ichigo Momomiya is the series' main protagonist and the leader of the Mew Mews. Ichigo is merged with the DNA of the Iriomote Cat, giving her the ability to transform into Mew Ichigo, a powerful and heroic cat girl. The transformation also causes her to exhibit various feline mannerisms while in her human form. At first, her cat ears and tail appear when she is excited, but eventually her cat DNA grows strong enough that when she is very excited she turns into a small black cat. She remains in a cat form until someone – human or animal – kisses her.

Berry Shirayuki is introduced in Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode as the sequel series' main protagonist, the sixth Mew Mew, and, while Ichigo is studying abroad, the temporary leader of the Mew Mews. She becomes the first Mew Mew to be infused with the DNA of two endangered species: the Andes Mountain Cat and the Amami Black Rabbit. Like Ichigo, she is given a robot companion, Ucha, who gives her guidance and transforms into the staff Berry uses to fight. As the "second strongest" Mew Mew, Berry becomes the primary target of the series antagonists, the Saint Rose Crusaders. Throughout a la Mode, Berry comes to realize that she is in love with her close childhood friend Tasuku, which confuses her until she is able to come to terms with her feelings. Together, they use their warm feelings of love to release the city's citizens from the Saint Rose Crusaders hypnotism and to change the hearts to the Crusaders. At the end of the series, Berry and Tasuku, the "lovebirds” of the café, work side-by-side as the cafe's new door-to-door delivery service and celebrate being in love.

At the start of the series, Ichigo has a crush on Masaya Aoyama. Although she believes that he is oblivious to her feelings, he later returns them and they begin dating. Midway through the series, Ichigo gains a mysterious protector, the Blue Knight. Throughout the series, Ichigo repeatedly rejects repeated advances by Kish and although she can not accept his final declaration of love, she cries over his death and holds him as he dies. Ichigo dies after transferring her own life force into Masaya after Masaya kills himself and Deep Blue. She is subsequently revived by the last of the mew aqua which was housed within Masaya. Before Masaya goes off to study abroad in England at the end of the series, Ichigo participates in a mock wedding with Masaya. Tokyo Mew Mew a La Mode reveals that Ichigo lost all of her Mew Mew powers and joined Masaya in England, but returned to Japan when her powers began to manifest again to aid in the battle against the Saint Rose Crusaders.

Mint Aizawa is the second Mew Mew to be introduced in the series. Infused with the genes of an Ultramarine Lorikeet, Mint grows a bird's tail and a pair of bird wings when she transforms into Mew Mint. Initially depicted as spoiled, snobbish, and self-centered because of her wealth, she is shown to be an empathetic person who cares deeply about her friends as the series progresses. Mint idolizes fellow Mew Mew, Zakuro Fujiwara.

Lettuce Midorikawa is the third member of the Mew Mews formally introduced to the readers. Infused with the DNA of a Finless Porpoise, Lettuce's legs can change into a porpoise's tail while she is underwater, greatly improving her swimming ability. In the anime adaptation, this change can only occur when Lettuce is in the presence of mew aqua. Lettuce is portrayed as a shy character lacking self-confidence and is the subject of frequent bullying. She is afraid of her Mew Mew powers at first, causing them to go out of control until she is calmed by Ichigo and Mint. The other members of the group consider Lettuce to be a kind and selfless person. As the series progresses, Lettuce becomes a more confident person through the other Mew Mews' regular encouragement.

Pudding Fong is the fourth Mew Mew introduced to the readers. Infused with the DNA of a Golden Lion Tamarin, Pudding grows a monkey tail and ears while transformed, and fights with a pair of rings. The other Mew Mews agree that her monkey DNA is a perfect match for her personality as she is full of energy and loves having fun, to the point Mint considers her very immature. Despite her age, Pudding is raising her five younger siblings and managing the family finances while their father is training in the mountains. The manga never mentions Pudding's mother, while the anime adaptation states that she died. Midway through the series, Pudding befriends Tart when he captures her and holds her hostage. She is reluctant to fight Tart during the final battle until he affirms they have no choice, and cries over him after he is defeated. Pudding kisses Tart at the end of the series and tells him she does not want it "to be goodbye." He replies by saying that he may return to see her. In the anime adaptation, the relationship between Pudding and Tart is expanded and the circumstances of their initial friendship changes – instead of being saved by the Mew Mews, Tart himself saves Pudding from a underground cavern when he realizes that she is suffocating from a lack of oxygen.

Zakuro Fujiwara is the last of the main Mew Mews introduced. As with the others, she first appears at the endangered animal exhibit without being named. Zakuro tends to be a loner and initially refuses to join the other Mew Mews, but changes her mind after they come to her aid. Infused with the DNA of a Gray Wolf, Zakuro has a wolf tail and ears while in her Mew Mew form. Zakuro is a professional model and is presented as a mature character. As her biggest fan Mint effuses, Zakuro has "long, glossy, raven hair" with "dark, intelligent, yet sensitive eyes" and "long, strong and thin legs". Zakuro's background is more developed in the anime adaptation and she is said to be estranged from her family since leaving home two years earlier.

Kish is the second of the aliens to return to earth. Introduced at the end of the first volume of the manga, Kish primarily acts in a playful and carefree manner, seeming to enjoying fighting with the Mew Mews and treating it like a game. Throughout the series, Kish develops increasingly stronger feelings for Ichigo, first regarding her as an "interesting toy" (that he would kill for his leader), and obsessing over her. Kish eventually kidnaps Ichigo, confesses his love, and then demands that she cry because he loves seeing her being frightened. Kish again declares his love to Ichigo towards the end of the series, but attacks and begins strangling her while crying when she rejects him again. He eventually releases her after asking how he can make her love him. Kish is killed after turning against Deep Blue by protecting Ichigo, but is revived with the power of the mew aqua after Deep Blue's defeat. He returns with Pie and Tart to their planet after wishing Ichigo happiness and stealing one final kiss.

Tart is one of two aliens who come to Earth to aid Kish after Kish continues losing to the Mew Mews. Energetic and often childish, Tart taunts Kish for losing to the Mew Mews by saying he is weak. He primarily fights using physical attacks and chimera animals, but is also capable of manipulating plants to bind people and attacking with an energy beam. Tart shows a distinct dislike for Ichigo and refers to her as an "old woman" when they encounter one another, only to be called a "midget" in return. Midway through the series, Tart and Pie capture Pudding and hold her hostage under the Tokyo Dome. While guarding her, Tart appears to be bewildered by her refusal to be scared and her attempts to befriend him. After she is freed by the others, he laughs while looking at some candy she gave him. The anime adaptation expands this incident by having Tart save Pudding's life when she starts to suffocate after the cavern is sealed off. At the end of the manga Pudding kisses him and he tells Pudding that he might return to get another candy drop from her, and leaves for his own world. In the anime adaptation, Tart is killed by Pie when he tries to protect the Mew Mews, and revived by the final release of mew aqua at the end of the series.

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