Welcome! This world is dedicated to sharing various anime or anime-related video remixes that I've created or ones that I enjoy watching. These videos may induce laughter or simply drain your IQ levels so watch at your own risk!

Name: Terry, Toiletscrubber, BBQpigeon (for my youtube account)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student, Part-time worker

My favorite anime's: Lucky Star, Mobile Suit Gundam, CardCaptor Sakura, Hajime no Ippo (Fighting Spirit), Happy Lesson.

Favorite internet subjects: Vocaloid, Angry German Kid, Touhou project, Ronald Mcdonald.

New Lucky Star video remix!

Hey everyone, I haven't done much with this site in a while, been busy working on this video. For those who've subscribed and commented on my stuff this past week hopefully the words get out to you and I just want to say thanks a lot. This is a Lucky Star video remix featuring Hiyori, Tsukasa, and Misao. Enjoy!