Welcome, to the Otaku Host Club! Here, is where your favorite anime guys, join together to bring you their very own fan service. With over 40 hosts from over 20 different anime and video games, you can pick and choose the perfect man for you. PM, chat and thread with your favorite host until, at last, he is all yours. Rise from a lowly fangirl to his one and only wife/lover in your pursuit to find your Mr. Perfect, here at the Otaku Host Club!

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To all Members/Hosts of the OHC.

This is very very important, so please read in its entirety.

Due to circumstances, this location of the OHC will be closed by the end of this week. Please don’t ask questions and instead take this time to review and collect any posts that you wish to have for sentimental reasons. Be aware: Just because this world will be closed, does not mean the OHC will be closing! I will simply be relocating it to another world, giving the OHC it’s very own home on theO. The link will be provided at the end of this post.

This world has been here for quite awhile, and while I’m sure a lot of you will be sad to see it closing for now, understand that it’s not an end, but a new start. And with new starts, comes great effort. Therefore, I have a favor to ask of each and every one of you:

Please repost about the move in your own personal worlds to help advertise and spread the word. I don’t want people to be lost, so please please get the word out. I can’t do it without all your help. ; w ; Hosts and fans alike. I’m counting on all of you!

*bows* Thank you all very much for staying with the OHC for all this time, contributing and making this place a great environment where many lasting friendships have been built. Please help me to ensure it will continue without too much difficulty, into the next phase.


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Hey guys! It's Maika ;) So yeah...I've never really done this before, Rein Akira finally convinced me to so here I am! Overall, I'm a very happy person and just love having fun. So let's do that!!!! YEESSSSS :D :D <3 Gonna be awesome! Peace.


My Card!!

My Wonderful Hosts~

Since it's too late for me to go to sleep, I thought I'd share with you the boys who are currently hosting me in the Otaku Host Club!~


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Funny, clueless (if not a bit awkward <3), and easy to talk to! (Though this might be because I have a little history >.> He was around when the club started, before I dissapeared >_< so I've interacted with him before~)


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Just adorable in every way possible, friendly, and deffinatly a little flirt (but he knows how to get away with it well~! <3)


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Brief with his statements, but gets to the point (a good quality <3), definatly not without mystery, and cute in his own, awkward way!

Kyoya Ootori~

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Very proper and gentleman-like; I haven't gotten to interact with him much yet, but I look forward to out future conversations!

Here's my card!

Guess Who~

Hey everyone!
Matt here
Just to say
I'm back
for good~
So HOLA to all the new hosts
and HEYYY to all of the new fans


Better Late Than Never

Hey everyone! I'm sorry I haven't done promotions in over 2 months ^^; Here are my fans, their rankings, and their current points:

-Naruto Uzamaki12: Friend
-sasoriofredsand: Acquaintance
-kikkima: #1 Fan
-Hevn: #1 Fan
-lovethataly: Fangirl
-DarkBootsLenalee/himesakura1227: Fangirl

Congratulations to Naruto Uzamaki12, sasoriofredsand, kikkima, and Hevn on their promotions :)