beyond belief

beyond belief
Chapter one
The new kid in town

One beautiful hot spring day, my annoying phone alarm went off around 6:45am, which awaked me. I was so tired and I didn’t want to get up but I had school today. So I got out of my bed, got changed, brushed my brown hair and put my extra stuff in my school bag like chewing gum for my best friend Sara marsh!
Sara was my best friend she had short blond hair with brown streaks and brown eyes.
My mom had red hair and brown eyes.
My dad had black hair and brown eyes.
Me, well I have brown hair and green eyes!
“Bye Laura” said my parents to me as set of to school on my pink bike.
“Bye” I replied back. I was amazed at the weather it was one of the hottest spring days I’ve ever had!
Once I arrived at school, I said hello to Sara and gave her chewing gum to her.
“Hay Laura…” said Sara
“What is it Sara” I replied
“Did you know a new boy is starting today?” She continued while putting her chewing gum in her mouth.
“What, really, today I had no Idea, what’s his name?” I asked quickly
“I don’t know but he’s in our class” she answered
“Oh great another boy just fabulous” I sarcastically said.
Then the school bell rang we went inside to our classroom.

In class are teacher ‘Miss star’ told us to stop talking.
“Ok class we have a new student starting today his name is Shaoran Li” she said. “How about introducing yourself.”
Shaoran was standing at the front of the class; he had brown hair and blue eyes.
“Hello I’m Shaoran and I have moved here from Tokyo, Japan,” he said before sitting down.
He went and sat down behind me. After maths and English, Sara and me went to talk to Shaoran. We found him in a tree just behind the school; some boys were playing football behind there too.
“Hi I’m Laura and this is my friend Sara,” I said to him.
“Hi I’m Shaoran,” he said back.
“Where going to the park after school want to come with us?” Sara asks him.
“Sure” he said with a smile on his face.

So after school I went to the park with Shaoran and Sara we went on the swings, slide and the over playground stuff.
“Hay I know lets go in the forest over there” Sara said pointing to the forest next to the park
“Ok” we replied.
As we entered the forest the sun started to set and night fell. All of a sudden we saw a glowing circular object in the ground! I went and dug it out it was a kind of orb that had a star like object inside it! Then It started to glow even more I was so scared, I shut my eyes I could feel a strong force inside me just waiting to burst out of me… but it suddenly disappeared! I opened my eyes just to see two shocked faces!
“What is it my hair?” I asked.
Then I touched my what I thought was my head.
“Hu what’s this” I asked again then looked behind me and I saw a tail!
“Hu…” I said in a kind of scared voice then I looked to the side of me and there were some white wings. I was so scared I screamed. Then I asked what all of it was.
“Well…err white wings, cat ears and a monkey tail,” said Sara.
I was just about to scream again when shaoran covered my mouth and waited until I settled.
He uncovered my mouth and whispered.
“You don’t want to get any attention to us do you, I think we should go to your house and try to solve the problem there”.
“Why my house” I said
“Cause yours is just over there” Sara replied pointing to my house.
“Oh yer…” I said.