Hi! This is my Tokyo Mew Mew club! It will be a guest post/fanfiction page! You write your stories, but take note that what ever happens in another teammates story, you can't just ignore and write something totally opposite! Also, your actual name and your mew name don't have to match. Your name could be Amanda and your mew name could be Mew Zuccini! Comment or pm me if you want to join!

Ume Ootori, Mew Plum, leader, female, jaguar
Satsuki Blood, Mew Blood, female, devil's hole pupfish (part vampire @(^.^)@)
Alice Kayri, Mewmew Blackout, female, Red Wolf
Flower Chili, Mew Chili, Female, Black and white ruffled lemur
Karin Peach, Mew Peach,female, Black footed ferret
Furutsukeki Fuyuhana, Mew Fruitcake, male, snow leoperd
Elclair Shuurai, Mew Eclair, female, island fox
Felisha Banira, Mew Vannila, female, bengal tiger
Kikitora Mijiho, Mew Chocolate, female, black wolf
Izzy Valentine, Mew Cream Pie, female, Ethiopian wolf
Kinkan Kuro, Mew Kumquat, male, Iberian Lynx
Suika Samaguchi, Mew Suika, female, Albino Tiger

Also! Every thirty days, when I get more gifts, one person who has shined through out of all the teams will recieve a gift from me, as well as recognition on this world! I will try to send you either an animal plush similar to your animal, or a random gift! That is how I say thank you!


hi guys! so what's up? so i'm mew suika(suika is japanese for watermelon),and i just wanted some activity on this world! so what's up? umm,i should draw suika chan...umm,so this is mew suika's profile..yeah..
name:suika samaguchi/mew suika
hair color:melon
eye color:green
fave color:green
mew weapon:i have no idea......
yeah,so that's it! enjoy~


um... okay, my computer is being evil, and i can't see any comment boxes. So, when you get this message, if you don't have guest poster status yet, pm me and tell me your ready. If you don't want to be in the club anymore, either don't pm me or say you don't want to be in the club. if you know anyone who is in the club, but probably won't remember, alert them, because not everybody that joins is subscribed to me, so not many will know and most people won't look because they don't care anymore...

I'm am carrying through with my threats!!!!

Okay, I threatened that if we didn't get more people, I was not going to let people choose what team they're on. Well, I'm finally at the critical point, so I'm changing this thing... Now, everyone's ONE... BIG... HAPPY... TEAM! Got that?! So now everyone can guest post and join in the story. Forget about the one last Mew thing in my other post, just join in! Everybody should get guest post status, and if I forget you, comment me or pm me. I'll do my best to fix it.

Your Team Leader,
Mew Plum


DUDE! HAS EVERYBODY FORGOTTEN ABOUT THIS PlACE?! I will try to bring it back to life, but I'll need HELP and COOPERARION!

We wondered back to the cafe after the whole invisible scene. Jack walked next to me, and observed me silently. His gaze was uncomfortable, and I walked faster. He sighed and fell behind me. I noticed the sky just starting to turn the pink of sunset, and realized I had to get home! So I explained the situation to Jack, and went off to Zack's place.

When I got there, Zack was waiting for me. He quietly opened his window, and I crept in.

"You know, this is almost like forbidden love," he said. I blushed slightly.

"Who says it isn't?" I asked.

"Isn't what? Love or forbidden?" He leaned in closer. My body drew near to his strong, muscular one. Our heads came together, and we kissed. Not a huge, drawn out one, but a short, sweet one.Suddenly, his lips disappeared, and I had the sensation of falling. I looked at myself, and realized...

I was a jaguar kitten! I jumped out the window just as Zack's eyes fluttered open, looking confused.


~Ume/ Mew Plum


I saw Ume look at the tree and I turned my head so fast I managed to catch a glimpse of that man from before who was floating. I notticed now that he had pointed ears. I sighed and suddenly my forehead started burning."Ow!" I yelped. "Where are you?" Ume called."Right here" I waved my hand infron of her face" "Where?" she asked. I gasped "Y-you can't see me?" "No.."Ume clarified. I looked down and my body was gone. I started freaking out when I heard a voice I seemed to know from somewhere started telling me to calm down.He addressed me by Ms. Karin Peach."HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CALM DOWN WHEN IM TRANSPARENT!" I yelled at the voice. I always thought that you could see right through me but not this litteral!"You have to have faith" the voice called again. I relized the man that was now approaching was the one speaking. He was the man from before inthe kitchen. I felt a tear run down my not-so face.HOw could I have faith when I lost so many people who were close to me? I don't want to lose anymore!! I sat in a little hole by the base of our tree. I could feel the tears coming now in full force."Why me!?!" I cried. I have no friends besides Flower and If I were to lose her? I don't want to think about it!I thought about the times me and Flower played together.No that would never leave me! I will never let my friends go! This time I won't leave! I will protect the few things precouis to me with my life! No one will ever hurt them again I swear! Suddenly a bright light glowerd from around my eyes and suddenly everyone could see me again."Are you okay?" Satsuki asked notticing my tear stained face. I wipped a tear away and smiled for the first time in years. "I'm fine now." I smiled gently.
okay well the mask of faith finnaly gets to play its part. Well the more faith she has the stronger her power is but when she is very doubtful and sighs in saddness she turns invissable untill she regains faith becuase with out fate what is she? just a sad poor soul who has no friends XD lol
~Faithful Mew Peach