Just a peek of mah story

So I've been bored... so I started my own story! Have a peek if u want!

A beautiful villa in Germany, 1810. It was a damp morning. With a thick bed of grey clouds overhead and a breeze which was accompanied with a chilly tingle, not to mention the light rain which was forever pattering away. Miss Venetia Nacht awoke in her soft-as-a-cloud bed, surrounded by her many material possessions which were coloured in various pastels all over the large, majestic home which her and her family took residence in. Venetia grew tired of the drowning weather and began to feel ill from the continues cold breezes. She craved rainless mornings and nights, being able to have brunch and high tea in the lush green gardens which surrounded her home, being able to go outside overall!
About two weeks ago from that day, Venetia was having her usual breakfast of croissants with jam, toast and tea. She sat there at the table, back up straight and with her legs together in her silk robe. She politely sipped her tea as she glared outside the window at the rain, dripping down the glass. As she gently placed her cup back into its saucer she heard her name called from behind her.
“Yes?” She replied softly as she spun around in her chair and placed her hands on the back of the chair while her eyes came in line with the family butler’s, Nicholas.
“You called me before, m’lady.” He exclaimed quietly. He was so shy, she felt pity for him when she saw him whimper away whenever she looked at him. He wore uniform quite like a chauffer’s and he was a handsome young man. Not a square jawed, dreamy handsome. But there was innocence in his eyes that she admired. She knew that she didn’t have the hots for him, but Venetia knew that he liked her. Many people had told her.
“Oh yes.” Venetia started as she stood up and walked over to him graciously, “I wanted to ask you something” She asked him, walking closer to him. She lowered her long eyelashes then continued, “Aren’t you aggravated of all this rain?” She asked looking away from him, Venetia saw him stare at her lips as she talked. He definitely liked her.
“Indeed m’lady. But sadly, I can’t do anything about it m’lady.” He said, looking at the window as well.
“Well, I have an idea.” She added, walking over to the window, she looked back at him. She knew that she was teasing him, but it was just a habit! “I propose going on a trip to…..” She hummed for a second “Do you have recommendations? Anywhere away from this blasted rain!”
“How about Italy? France? England?” He offered pulling his arms behind his back.
“France you say? I never thought of that!” She turned her head in his direction and looked him straight in the eye, “I’ll ponder upon the matter and shall inform you if it is suitable.” She informed him
“Yes, m’lady. Shall I take your plates away m’lady?” He offered stepping over to the table, hand ready to obtain the plates.
“No thank you, you may leave.” She replied gently. Venetia walked past him and let their arms touch lightly as she sat back down in her chair. Nicholas felt his cheeks burn up he walked out the room. He admired her beauty, grace, kindness and how she didn’t treat him like a butler well, in his fantasy world with her. He was a hopeless romantic indeed, he dreamed that one day she would confess her attraction to him. Sadly that would never happen; Venetia knew that it wouldn’t be right to have more than a professional relationship with her butler.
She sat back down and continued to consume her delicious croissant. She hummed in delight and continued until she was finished. She sat there seeing if anyone would come to collect her plate. Venetia waited for a short period until she decided that it would be best to leave the plate there on the table. So when the house would fill with cockroaches and people would look in her direction, she could just blame the lack of service.
She exited the room and continued up to her bedroom where she would change into her day-time garments. She exited the room in a light blue dress which split down the front to reveal a cream flower patterned fabric. She had her light brown hair done into a French plait which started at the crown of her head.
She began to descend down the stairs and thought about the trip to France. She wasn’t fluent in French, it was her third language. She inherited German and then got taught English at a young age for it’s one of the most popular languages in the world… and the hardest. Her third language was French, for the country was very close.
Soon, Venetia had made her mind. She would love to go to France!

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