Hello, and welcome to my humble abode which you stumbled upon!
I'm a highschooler which lived in Germany until Grade 4, I now live in Brisbane, Australia and have the cutest puppy ever!

Ah! AjexSpray and Wipe! D:

Being the clumsy person I am,I sprayed some cleaning stuffon my chin late this arfternoon, and well,my mum got all freaked out and thought that I might of gotten it in my eye, which I would of probably felt if that did occure. But it didn't.
Well, chus!

Meh eyes D:

Heres a randompic of mah eyes yo! Cuz I so gangsta fool!

Soo scarwy D:


I dunno. Should I start a manga teaching allu guys German? I dunno... Tellmeh wat u think, and wat u wearin hehe,jk!I'm bored,so I gonna put up random this randomvid that made me shit my pants it's so damn funny!

Lemme worn u it haves naughty words.

Thanks to brataz, which I got the video from via Youtube.



I got a subscriber! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Dunke Dunke Dunke!
(Thank you in German)

I'm so happy, also, today I started mah new manga, Danni Elle. I'm doing it in pencil and my water paints so im sooper happeh! I've started the 2npages and hopefully will be able 2 balance it out w/ homework and my extra curricular things. Which are mainly just swimming training for my squad, miso healthy ya!

Um..... that's it I believe!

Chus und haben eine guten Tag!

Things that are cool this week 4meh.

Thisis the list of things which I think are indeedly coolios.

1. The song, Winter Song, sung by SaraBareilles.

2. The victorian age woman's fashion.

I just saw it one day, and thought it looked awesome. Simple as that fool.

I have a art assignment and we have to trace and draw and paint and stuff. And Iwas the only person to use pastel colours! But it turned out better than theirs...:b

Look, I also went through all the trouble to get you a pic as well!

External Image

shmexy bicth horse yeah......