Capitolo Due

After introductions were made, Stephanie, who was holding onto the hooded Italian gentleman, and Ezio walked towards the nearest doctor that could be found.

From their arrival, as they approached the dark-clothed man, Stephanie rose a brow, "Uhm, are you sure he's a doctor?" Ezio glanced at her and nodded, "Si. Why do you ask, madonna?"

Unable to hold it back, Stephanie chuckled, "Seriously? He looks more of a witch doctor to me." With an arm holding onto the hooded man's shoulder, she held out her free arm towards the doctor. "I mean, really!! Doctors are supposed to wear white lab coats and be in hospitals and doctor offices. Not outside!!"

Ezio studied Stephanie, not understanding what she was explaining, as they stopped. "And what is he doing with that...that beak over his mouth??"

"It's to keep bad influences at bay." Ezio explained. "Such as the air carrying any germs or diseases." He glanced at her, "Why don't you know that?"

Stephanie slowly shook her head, "It's just," She sighed. "Doctors don't wear something like that. White lab coats, as I said, is what they wear. And they don't stay outside like this." She mumbled, "It's like the old age or something."

"Forget about it, anyways." Stephanie took a step back, but Ezio caught her before she could fall. She looked closely at his hidden face, "This is Italy, like you said, right? Why am I here? How did I...?" She sighed.

"Calm down, madonna," Ezio held up his free arm, as he explained, "I don't understand your situation, but let's get to the doctor so he can help you. And then you can tell me about it. Capire?"

Stephanie did not realize what the last word he said was, but she slowly nodded. "Uhm, sure."

* * *

Once each of them arrived, Ezio paid the right amount of money to the doctor and Stephanie received the medicine and treatment she needed; the doctor finished by wrapping a bandage around her waist, where one of them kicked her.

"That medicine should help you with any pain." The doctor bowed. "Come back if you feel anything else."

"Um," Stephanie nodded and placed the small bag of white pills in the back pocket of her jeans. "Thank you."

Stephanie turned around, to see Ezio in front of her, waiting. "We'll sit down at that bench, madonna." He tilted his head towards a small white bench in front of him. "So you can tell me of your...situation."

"Alright," She nodded as she quickened her pace to walk beside Ezio. "But my name's Stephanie. Not...that. And why do you wear that hood all the time?"

"Don't think anything of it." He told her, as he sat down on the bench with her beside him. "So," He leaned over, resting her arms on his knees as he glanced at her. "What happened back there, before I arrived, bella?"

Stephanie wondered why Ezio would not call her by her name, as she ignored it and sighed out, "Well..."

* * *

Stephanie started out to talk about her girls night out with Jessica, and also about the conversation they had before she arrived where she is now; she, as well, talked about the strange images she saw out the car window and the sudden eighteen-wheeler that collided into the small vehicle.

She started to talk about the strange weapon wielding men that she met when she woke up.

"I don't understand why they attacked me," She told him. "I didn't attack them or anything like why..."

"They must have been templar soldiers."

"Huh?" Stephanie turned her head towards Ezio. "Templar...?"

"Yes," Ezio nodded. "The templar are ones, the enemies of us. They have a wrong ideology of the world they want. They want to create a perfect world, bella. And they will do whatever it takes for that: by force, destruction, and most of all, control. They will do whatever it takes to win the war against us, and to destroy us."

Stephanie listened closely, listening intently to Ezio's explanation. "My God..." She whispered to herself as she looked over at him. "But, what do you mean, 'us'? Does that mean, the citizens of this country, or...?"

"By that, I am us. The Assassini."