Capitolo Uno

"Hey!!" A blonde, petite woman shouted at her friend behind her as she pointed a finger towards a small cafe shop. "Let's go there!!! I'm thirsty, and I want a pumpkin cappuccino!!!"

The other girl, the blonde's friend, was small--but not as small as her friend--and she had long, straight brunette hair. She chuckled, quickening her pace to catch up.

"Okay, I'm right behind you, Jessica."

Inside the small and quiet cafe, both girls ordered their own cup of latte, as the blonde, Jessica, eagerly ordered first; and the brunette ordered a cup of cinnamon spice cappuccino.

At the edge of the ordering table, both girls waited patiently until their orders were done and ready; and both girls took a seat in the corner.

Jessica eagerly took long sips of her latte drink--although it was steaming hot--and grinned. "Ahh," She breathed out, putting the half full cup on top of the table. "So, so yummy~" She looked over at her friend, "What about you? How's yours, Steph?"

Taking a short sip, the brunette, Stephanie, placed the cup down and nodded with a smile. "It's great." She told her.

Jessica giggled, in happiness and delight. "So," The blonde turned serious suddenly, relaxing her elbow on the table and resting her hand underneath her chin.

"Hm?" Stephanie looked at her friend curiously. She rose a brow, "Uhm, what's up?"

"Tell me." Jessica looked straight into Stephanie's eyes.

"Tell you what?"

Suddenly, Jessica changed moods and grinned at her friend. "How Italian are you? Half? Some? Or are you a full blooded Italian? Tell me!!"

Stephanie blinked and let out a short giggle. "Oh, is that all?" She put a hand against her chest. "What, is it because of my name? Well, no I'm not full. I wouldn't be speaking in clear English if I was, right?"

"How much, then?" Jessica asked, not taking her eyes from her.

"Well," Stephanie sighed out, in short thought. "I think I'm a little. Not much, unfortunately."

"Unfortunately?" Jessica blinked.

"Yes," Stephanie nodded. "There are times that I wish I was actually full Italian." She smiled at her friend and continued, "I think the Italians have such an interesting culture, history, and life I've always wanted. It just makes me wonder what I'm missing out on."

"Oh." Jessica blinked her ocean-blue eyes. "Well," She looked down at her hands resting atop of the table, but lifted her head up and flashed a smile. "Someday, when we can make enough money, we can travel to Italy together and you can have that Italian life you've always wanted!!"

Stephanie smiled, feeling a pitch of gratefulness for her friend's kind and supportive words.

"Thank you, Jessica. I appreciate that so much."

* * *

When the day was over, and dawn was breaching, both girls decided to call it a day and drove off in Jessica's miniature Fiat vehicle towards home.

"Don't you think this went by a little too fast?" Stephanie asked out loud, looking out the window and watched the trees and buildings go by in a blur. "Of course," Jessica replied, having her attention on the road in front of her. "Don't all days go by fast when you're having fun?"

"True," Stephanie nodded, watching more closer outside, and seeing blurred hooded figures run down the streets, run up buildings and trees and crouch down at the edge. "But I feel...things have been more different today than any other day."

"What are you talking about, Steph?" Jessica asked, as she spun the wheel to the left as the car turned in the same direction.

"Don't you see them?" She asked as Jessica took a quick glance at her and back at the road. "What? See who? No one's around Steph."

Stephanie shook her head, as she saw one hooded figure grab onto one that was not hooded, and took out a small blade and slit its throat; it did the same to another, but it, literally, stabbed it in the back instead.

"They're killing each other." She whispered, unable to look away.

"What?! Who's getting killed?!!" At the mention of such an dreadful word, Jessica snapped her head over at the passenger's window, and scanned her eyes, looking away from the road in front of her. "I don't see any--"

"Look out!!!!" Stephanie, who had took a glance in front of her, noticed that the car had swerved in the next lane and a large eighteen-wheeler was driving in front of them. "Move!!!!"

Jessica snapped her head back in front of her, "Oh my God!!!" She screamed, as Stephanie quickly took hold of the wheel to move, but the enormous vehicle had already smashed into the small vehicle.

"Jessica!!!!" Stephanie tried to get hold of Jessica, but the vehicle's lights were too bright for her to see that she squeezed her eyes shut.

* * *


Feeling a pulsating headache coming, Stephanie slowly--very slowly--opened her eyes and blinked twice; she looked up to see clouds and a bright blue sky. "Wha...?" She rose an eyebrow, as she had remembered, slightly, that it was evening. How was day already?

Stephanie slowly, and painfully, stood up and supported herself by leaning against a nearby building. "What the hell..." She groaned.

She looked around her surroundings, to see not one soul around. Not one car passed by. There were only age-old buildings she had not seen before. " I?" She wondered, seeing a brick road, instead of a smooth one, and no vehicles were around, except grown horses in a nearby stable.

Stephanie shook her head, "This has to be a dream...I need to go see Jessica."

Behind her, Stephanie heard steps as she glanced behind her. There were four of them; they each held a weapon: a blade, a gun, and a knife. By that, Stephanie felt a rush of fear and anxiety.

One stepped behind her and pushed her down to the ground.

"Ahh!!" Stephanie squealed as the side of her head hit against the hard ground. Hard. The uniformed men all laughed. "What are you doing here, eh madonna?" One poked their gun tip on top of her head.

Closely hearing their voices, she knew that they were clearly Italian.

"Are you," She coughed. "Italian?"

Behind the one holding a gun to her head, another, with the blade, kicked at Stephanie's side. "Of course we are, idiota!!"

"Ahh!!!!" Stephanie screamed, and could have sworn she felt a rib or two break.

They all laughed, at the expense of her pain.

Stephanie's vision started to blur as she barely could see anything around her, but she knew she saw a white blur and heard crunching sounds of something sharp pierce through flesh, and watched at the bodies fall down.

"Wh-What?" She rose her brow.

"Madonna," An Italian voice called at her and helped her to sit up and they crouched in front of her. "Do you need help to get to the doctor?"

Stephanie shut her eyes and shook her head. "This...this isn't..." She sighed, "What the hell is going on?"

"You were attacked, madonna." The one in front of her told her. "But I took care of them before they could do any worse damage."

"Thank you," She sighed out and shaking her head. "But, where am I? And who are you?"

"You are in Venice, Italy. And I'm Ezio Auditore da Firenze."