[This story is based off of the story-line of Assassin's Creed II]

Stephanie Archille, age twenty, is one of those hyper-active, sweet-loving kind of females in the year of 2015.

She has friends that mean the world to her, and she would do whatever it took to spend time with them, every second and minute of her life.

So on one night out with friends, one of Stephanie's good friends, Jessica, drove her Italian car, a Fiatt, with Stephanie beside her in the passenger's seat. Everything went well when both girls had went out together, until a massive eighteen-wheeler came crashing into the miniature vehicle that Jessica didn't see.

Unfortunately, Jessica did not make it, but Stephanie...

Woke up and found herself in, strangely, Renaissance era Italy.

Wanting to know how she had ended up in Italy, how she could go back to her time, Stephanie suddenly found herself with Assassins, the Templars, and a strange affection with a certain Auditore boy.

Capitolo Due

After introductions were made, Stephanie, who was holding onto the hooded Italian gentleman, and Ezio walked towards the nearest doctor that could be found. From their arrival, as they approached the dark-clothed man, Stephanie rose a brow,...

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Capitolo Uno

"Hey!!" A blonde, petite woman shouted at her friend behind her as she pointed a finger towards a small cafe shop. "Let's go there!!! I'm thirsty, and I want a pumpkin cappuccino!!!" The other girl, the blonde's friend, was small--but not a...

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