hi I'm dialga99. This is where i'll talk about anything.
pokemon rule
here is a dialga

You can also find me on the bulbagarden forums and the serebii.net forums as giratinaoriginforme

a lot of questions

1) Are you really ready for 111 questions? I guess 2) Was your last real relationship a mistake? I don't know 3) Who are your best friends? once again, I don't know 4) Who did you last say “I love you&r...

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yet another shiny

I found a shiny on Pokemon soulsilver today, just a month after my last shiny. Today's shiny is a timid natured zapdos! I gave it Hidden Power(grass type) and EV trained it, so it is ready for battle!

The hidden power type is grass and the power is 70(the most powerful it can get)


You just lost it

Well, today was an okay day overall. I got 10,000 steps on my pokewalker. And a flying pikachu.

I had to have band outside today. It was hot out and music was flying everywhere.

In My physical fitness class(not PE)I ran 1.5 miles.

My computer died today. It is like 7 years old.

That's all I can think of about life right now.

Now I have a message to people in My role play.
Please post more. I'm trying to have a successful RPG.
Also, I would like more members.
I'm also going to add 5th generation pokemon to the RPG as more info becomes available. I will also be adding a feature to the role play for members who have Wifi on their Ds, Ds lite, or DSi. Also remember that points are earned by completeing missions and posting.

I will also change the name to Pokemon Regions: Shadows. Please continue posting in it.

I will also post a challenge later. I highly suggest people compete in it(I want my giratina wallpaper).

I was very lucky this week

Hello everybody. I am finaly back at home after a weekend at a Honor band.

I also restarted pokemon saphire this weekend. My starter was a shiny torchic. When I was training the shiny torchic, I captured a shiny plusle.

I would also want to say if your in my rpg POKEMON REGIONS: HOLON, Please post.

Stupid game

My emerald game RESET itself(as in deleted the save) right after I beat the E4. I bought it used off of amazon and I left the person who sold it(who said it "works great") a very bad review. 1 star( because they had no slot for 0) now I have to start over and I have a hunch that at one point this game was damaged. At least I never found a shiny, though I have(had) my SID. If I had found a shiny, It would have(and now will) go to Sapphire.

On a happier note, I saw somthing really funny on TV. Somebody at the BCS National chapionship ran onto the field. Won't go into further details.


angry about emerald

Under further investingation, The copy of emerald in question is FAKE