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Mechanical Failures

My parents are out of town this weekend at a church camp retreat thing. So of course, that's when shit happens.

Around 9:30 last night, I got a call from grandma that she heard a loud bang and then saw someone walking around her house. I saw people outside but it was too dark to tell who they were. One comes and knocks on my door - turns out it's just a couple of our neighbors who heard the noise and were investigating. I go out and take a look for myself, and find that the noise came from the brand new pool heater system. It's just making a loud buzzing now and there's a smell of oil inside it. We ended up having to pull the breaker to turn it off.

And that wasn't the end of things. When I went over today, I discovered that the water level in the pool had dropped about a foot and a half, so I switched off the pump. I'm not sure if the two problems are related, but it's a safe bet since one came right after the other.

What's wrong with DVDs these days?

In the last year, I've had the misfortune to buy several DVDs that ended up having bad discs, usually manifesting themselves as terrible glitching. It happened again last night when I put on the special features disc to my brand new Star Trek Next Gen movie collection. I suppose now I'll have to take the whole set back and get a replacement.

This has happened so frequently of late that I'm forced to wonder if I just have really bad luck in buying the bad ones that make it through, or if quality control has gone out the window and the DVD-making industry just doesn't care anymore.

However, I have played some discs that have appeared to develop glitching later on on our family DVD player, and they have played fine compared to my personal player. In some cases, I'm certain it's a bad disc. In others, it may be an indication that I need to replace my DVD player.

Crikey, it's the Rozzers!

I just had an interesting experience.

We get a knock on the front door. It's a cop, and he's asking for me. Uh... OK. Asking how old I am, mentioning an incident at a house somewhere else in the neighborhood, asking if I have a blue Schwinn bike. Nope, don't have one.

I guess someone else by my name was involved in whatever happened, although I still don't know what happened as the police officer didn't elaborate on the details.

So yeah. Fun times.

Geekin' It Up

It's been a few weeks since I posted (other than music and Who news), so I guess it's time for a pointless update.

What have I been up to lately? Nothing exciting, as usual, but I've been in geek overdrive.

First off, I discovered a new used book shop that opened up just this side of the causeway. After the first visit, I was disappointed to see such a small and piddling SciFi/Fantasy section. But this presented me with an opportunity. Rather than continue to waste space boxing up all the books I didn't want to keep, I packed them all up and over a couple of days took them down to the shop to donate them. So now they have a good deal more scifi and fantasy, and I have clearer shelves, which helps me in the process of not only cleaning my room, but reorganizing what I plan to keep, something that has been impossible since I ran out of free space some time ago.

And now, to the geeking. With Doctor Who over for the season, and next season not expected until late in 2012, I've shifted my major fandom back over to Star Trek. I revived my Next Generation DVDs, and now I have the Nex Gen movie collection as well. I also saved some old Next Gen novels from a box that was meant for the used book shop, and dug out some others from storage. I've also discovered how many Trek books are available on Kindle, even some of the old TOS and TNG novels that would be out of print or hard to find now.

I think the shift to Trek also comes as a reaction to my recent reading. I hate to admit it, but I left The Eye of the World unfinished, because it took so long to read and I wasn't exactly happy with its uneven pace. As a consequence, I've temporarily lost my interest for epic sword-and-sorcery fantasy and would rather let my mind wander in the world of starships and aliens.

I also briefly flirted with a bit of a Batman craze after watching Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Batman: The Animated Series Episodes video. I finally watched The Dark Knight (killer film), Batman Returns (which, oddly enough, I never had seen til now), started rewatching the animated series, and even tried watching the 2002/2003 Batman-related series Birds Of Prey (not too surprised it got canceled after one season).

The only other thing I can think is worthy to mention is that my uncle took me out to lunch while he was here last weekend. Due to my health problems and anxieties, I haven't eaten out in a sit-down place in years, but it was fun, we went to a place I'd wanted to try for some time, and the food was really good.

An appology on both sides

I've made a terrible mess of things between myself and people I care about, and I want everyone to know I feel sick about it. I may have ruined things forever, or for a long time, but even so I'm going to come clean.

To Raina: I'm sorry I hid the relationship we had for so long. I don't believe it was out of shame, but fear that I would be forced to make a choice, a choice for some reason I wasn't prepared to make. I'm sorry I talked about you to Katana when our relationship wasn't going well and I felt the need to vent to someone about my frustration at your anxieties and being unable to help you get past them.

To Katana: I'm sorry that I led you along, even though I didn't do it with purpose or malice. I'm sorry I didn't say from the beginning "I'm flattered, but..." when you told me of your feelings. I'm sorry I betrayed your faith in me, especially when I'd been there for you at a time when you were coming out of one hurt, only to eventually lead you into another.

This may sound lame, but both of you are special to me indifferent ways, and I think that's why I tried to avoid a choice of one or the other. I guess I've proved even at my age, I still have a lot of maturing to do to handle a relationship. Well, I guess this is that maturing, only in the worst way possible.

I don't feel very good about myself these days. I hope this admission can begin some healing in all this. I think it's best I spend some time away from here for now...