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Attributes of a TimeChaser: Witty, sarcastic, opinionated, loyal, sometimes spaztacularifically geeky.

Chasing Time for: 33 years

Nicknames, Aliases, Pseudonyms and Nom de plumes: TC, Toki, Times, Chase, Timey Boy, Old Man

Interests: Music, Scifi/Fantasy, Anime, Science, History

Major Fandoms: Doctor Who, MythBusters, Top Gear

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A Bit of History

I've been getting myself into Doctor Who mode lately in order to write my stories, not that there's ever a time when I'm not in that mode at least a little Earlier in th...

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Melodic Masters

I've been meaning to order these CDs for a long time, and last week I finally did. Allen/Lande is a melodic metal project fronted by t...

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Not even out of the gate and already stuck

Listening to: THERION - "O FORTUNA" I've been doing my best to start writing this weekend, but I just can't seem to find a way to work the very first scene that makes me happy. I guess for now I'll just forge ahead with th...

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Some More Favorite Anime OPs

First off, a bit of disturbing news on the TV today. Three kids at a middle school in a nearby county, all of them only 13 years old, were planning a massacre similar to Columbine. Fortunately, this one was caught before it had a chance ...

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The Return of a Demonic Vocal God

I am a huge fan of the metal band Iced Earth. It was a sad day for all IE fans when their best and longest-serving vocalist, Matt Barlow, decided to le...

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