When we fight, I can feel the fire getting higher and higher, taking us along with it. Leaving is the only safe option, yet isn't the brightest option. The night you opened that door, you forgot about everything you've ever fought for. After it, things only got worse and the flames began appearing. As they got higher and higher, the more they burned us. The next day we're sorry, though we know it doesn't help. We seem happy on the outside yet scream on the inside that this would work, seeing what's happened us proof of that now. When fighting fire with fire, it has only made us more lost, which is why goodbye is the worst thing of all.


i tend to get bored, and i've recently took up an old hobby i haven't done in a while which is poetry. i know some of them are kinda depressing, and focus on breakups, idk why, but i usually write them like that. i get inspiration from songs i listen to. i'll be listening to a song and all of a sudden a phrase will pop in my head and i'll just try and work with it.


As the rain drops tap on the window she can’t help but think of him. Through all the ups and downs they made it through yet the smallest thing cut them in two. The memories bring tears to her eyes and being to fall in tune with the rain outside. The only difference is the rain brings life, where as tears only bring sorrow. As they fall the memories of him flood into her mind can only make things worse.


As the tears well up behind these eyes the harder they are to hide. The pain gathers up and expands inside me, as if wanting to explode into pure anger and rage. Yet for some reason is not able to, and around you I cannot show it. I leave before they begin to fall, and once they do it’s like a storm of them. The pain that I had begun flowing out as well, and I begin to fall apart. As the clouds turn gray the sun is hidden as if to never be seen again.

moving on

Falling for him was the stupidest thing she ever done, leaving everything behind for a guy was the worst decision she ever made. Looking back at the things she had done for him, the stupider she felt. With him she tried to be happy, yet down inside she knew it wasn’t right from the start. She realizes now how much of a mistake that was. So the only thing she knew she could do now was to forgive, and let go.