missing this place

been so busy and haven't been on in a while. Two years maybe. Anyway It's just that I've been really busy at school and stuff. I've converted to devient art under the name taylor0savage which is my real name. missed you guys heaps

depressed kitten

Though I'm sixteen and should feel special or older... I don't. Still seing life as a half empty cup of dispare and hoping to have people in my life leave me alone. I'm one sad and angry little neko-chan

Eye for improvement

I started out drawing these simply eyes one of my dude freinds showed me how to do. I kinda love the sort of eyes I'm doing now. SO PRETTY =3
Now all I need to do is work on bodies.

sweet american sweets

I live in australia and here we don't have all the wonderful sweets, like chocolate kisses, like america. I ask what is pokey and what does it taste like.

Art lover

I'm totally in love with stocking's art style. Why can't I draw that good. and my style is so Animey, well without even looking at my art you people will hounestly agree.