Meet Fujian!

So, I created a character whom some of you may know named Qing Fujian. He's a Chinese performer who sings in the Beijing Opera and does some spy work on the side. He's also probably the love of my life. Just saying. But anyway, I decided to write my Chinese project on him and his best friend (coughboyfriend) Damien, my most wonderful creation ever.

Well, my Chinese teacher liked the script to my project, and when she handed it back to me, she asked (in Chinese): "Have you ever met Bi Fujian before?" And I was like, "...huh?" And she said, "Well, you wrote about him!"

Um, yeah, so apparently there's a film star with the exact same "first" name as Fujian, same characters and everything. I was a little shocked. Here's a link I was sent on's all in Chinese, so I can't exactly understand all of it (yay intermediate Chinese ^^;), but yeah! There's a picture! :D

The weird things in life...