Well hai thar ^^

Seems like you've stumbled across my blog! Well, I guess I'll give you a little information about myself:

Name (the one to be used for this blog's purposes): Mattie
You could also call me UM, um-chan, or whatever nickname you have for me.

Age: 17

Gender: 1/7 Female, 6/7 Male

Birthday: 9/3

Obsessions: Hetalia, Coldplay, video games (Nintendo mostly), drawing, writing, roleplaying, Let's Plays

Have fun wandering through my blog! BUT WAIT! It's dangerous to go alone! Take this! (hands you a hockey stick) ^^


Look at all the times I've been on the front page! :D SO HAPPY


Mood: In shock
Listening to: I dunno, I don't have music on right now and am too lazy to turn some on...
Today's Word: Rao'd
Today's Video Game: Okamiden


So I almost finished Okamiden today. There were actually a few parts that made me cry, and I'm not even finished yet. But yeah, I got Rao'd, and if anyone has played the first game, Okami, you'll know what that means.

In short, my FAVORITE character, who I thought I was going to hate but ended up loving absolutely to death (sounds like Waka...), does a 180 right near the end. SURPRISE! I've been destined to serve this evil guy! Mwahahaha and stuff, dude! (headdesk) WHY?! I legitimately sat there screaming "NO! WHAT?! NO! NO! BAD!" at my DS Mattie. While bawling. Of course.

This game is great, though. I guess I'll do a quick review of so far, since I'm in an Okamiden mood. The graphics are very nice, a little blocky but not too bad. And the graphics of the scrolls and story stuff and bestiary entries are ASTOUNDING.

That's what it actually looks like ON THE SCREEN. <3

Oh and the characters are amazing, and most of them have really cute stories. For example, Kagu, a child actresss with AWESOME POWAH. Or Kurow (though I like the Japanese spelling Kurou better...), the hipster cutie from the Moon Tribe. Yes, that one, with Waka and all that jazz. Ah, Waka... I WAS PROMISED THAT I WOULD SEE HIM IN THIS GAME. WHERE IS HE?!

...Okay, so I saw him once, but I didn't REALLY see him, I just saw an image of OH WHATEVER I want my French-Japanese half-bake really badly TT~TT I wuv him so much...

The only real complaints that I have with this game is that there are a few (only a few!) inconsistencies with Okami, the original. And there are quite a few noticeable typos. But other than that, it's great! And the references to Okami that they DIDN'T mess up, which are far greater than those they did, WOW it was awesome. Like, the pirate ship...anyone who's played Okami will probably freak out while on that ship, let me tell you...

Alright, I'm rambling. I really love this game...er, series? Okami is almost as much my life as Hetalia ^^; I'll have to get back to you on the ending of Okamiden. But if you have a Wii/PS2, definitely play Okami, and if you have a DS, pick up Okamiden. Lovely games!!




At Least I Don't Have a Sword Through My Forehead

Mood: I don't really know...
Listening to: the Zelda music that won't leave my head
Today's Word: Landlubber
Today's Video Game: GASP wind wanker


Er, so I don't know what to make of today.

I've spent a whole ton of this day feeling like I was about to cry. And you know what? I DON'T KNOW WHY. I was rereading an RP I did a while back, and this wasn't even a depressing one (I have my fair share of those, trust me), and all of the sudden I wanted to cry! And it didn't go away! Of course, then I made it worse by reading an actual depressing RP, and then I listened to HetaOni music while playing escape games which is SUCH a perfect match. But yeah. I've caught Matthew's crybaby disease TT~TT

Oh, but I got all the money I've been saving up for Japan ready today. ^^ Exactly a week til I leave! ...HOLY FRUK I'VE ONLY GOT A WEEK?! Please excuse me while I die.

I really need to finish that fic. I was playing Okamiden again today, a game about ANCIENT JAPAN, and I got picked up by PIRATES! (headdesk) ...but I ended up feeling bad for the pirates anyway and almost crying and stuff and I really am becoming a Matthew...

OH and I got a crazy nosebleed today...All I did was blow my nose and BAM blood gushing everywhere...Disgusting...By some miracle it didn't get on my computer, but it got all in my mouth and all over the bathroom sink and it was just nasty, let me tell you...I spent a good forty minutes in the bathroom cleaning up...

Alright, I'm off to make a really stupid decision and play Wind Waker all night. Tata~!



I Love My Elbows

Mood: Hungry
Listening to: Kermit the Frog
Today's Word: Cthulhu
Today's Video Game: Still Wind Wanker...er, Waker...


Pirates are still everywhere...cuz my fic's still not done...

So I had a terrible experience today. It's called driving. I banged my head on the door on my way in, and my mom made me drive anyway. Mistake one. It started to rain and I kept driving. Mistake two. People beeped at me and my mom screamed at me. Mistake three. Yep...time to learn how to ride a bike. Or get a moped, that'd be fun XD

I had my second session of tutoring today. One of my little brother's friends has some kind of processing problem, so she has to keep doing work or she forgets it. So I've been hired as her tutor over the summer. MAN I forgot how much I disliked long division. I disliked it A LOT. Enough to warrant stabbing it. Multiple times. Yes.

I wanna play Wind Waker. Heck, I wanna play video games in general. I played about thirty minutes of Okamiden today, then I was dragged away to walk the dog. I miss games with a story TT~TT I guess I'll content myself with Fruit Ninja and Sky Burger until I find time to buy Majora's Mask and crack that open. Or Twilight Princess. I'm in a Zelda phase right now, if you can't tell.

I'm still procrastinating~~~~!

I want a popsicle...I think I'll go get one. Right now. Tata everyone~!

"I love my elbows. They're my favorite joint. I love my elbows! Let's get right to the point."

Kermit <3


It's Called Procrastination

Mood: Bored
Listening to: Coldplay
Today's Word: Thalassoharpaxophobia
Today's Video Game: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

So would you believe that this entire blog was created as a source of procrastination? Right now, I'm supposed to be writing a Hetalia oneshot based on a dream I had. It's not going as well as I thought. ^^; Since I started it, though, I've been being attacked by pirates EVERYWHERE. >///< It's like they won't leave me alone until I finish the fic! (The fic's about Pirate!Iggy, btw) What makes it worse is that I have an irrational fear of pirates. Long story why. Oh, but my good friend England told me that fear of pirates is called thalassoharpaxophobia, hence today's word.

Ironically, the video game I've spent today obsessed with (Wind Wanker I MEAN WAKER) has a ton of pirates in it...Well, the few episodes of the LP that I've watched today have had no pirates. They've had sages and temples! YAY TEMPLES! If you have a Gamecube, I'd suggest picking up this game. It looks BEAUTIFUL <3

Alrighty, I'll be signing off now. ^^ Tata, see you tomorrow!

"You and me are drifting into outer space..."