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Name (the one to be used for this blog's purposes): Mattie
You could also call me UM, um-chan, or whatever nickname you have for me.

Age: 17

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Birthday: 9/3

Obsessions: Hetalia, Coldplay, video games (Nintendo mostly), drawing, writing, roleplaying, Let's Plays

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My Lord...

Dear Mom,

I know you keep pestering me to work on my Chinese Rosetta stone, or read for a little while, or scan in photos.

Sure, I'll fit it in between feeling nauseous and having a major headache. No problem.

Your sick daughter

I'mma Rant About a Video Game Now!


So Chuggaaconroy is doing Okamiden for his next LP.

And honestly, I'm disappointed.

I love Okamiden, and I hate Okamiden. Okamiden was fun to play, had a cute story with cute characters, and really does have an emotional ending that made me bawl. All in all, it's a good game that I would recommend at least a look at.

But. And a big but. If you are a fan of Okami, this game will make you scream. SCREAM, I TELL YOU. Or at the very least, piss you off. I guess I can kind of understand why this happens; the creators of the original game, Clover, were shut down, and Okamiden is made by a whole new set of people. A whole new set of people who, though I'm sure had good intentions and really do love the original, do a pretty good job at messing crap up. Which is why, unless things are changed around, I don't think I can consider this game canon. Canon in what, the two game series?

For starters, you immediately see that they spell the name of Ishaku wrong, adding an extra s. Okay, so maybe this just pisses me off, but it PISSES ME OFF.

Next, I'm okay with Chibiterasu, the protagonist of Okamiden, being Amaterasu's son. But I am not okay with what they did to Shiranui, who in Okami was Amaterasu's former self, a self in her prime who defeated Orochi at his full power. What they did to Shiranui was a) give her a dick and changed her gender and b) played her him off as Amaterasu's father. It says in-game that Chibiterasu is Shiranui's grandson, which is wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG. I thought it was made pretty clear in Okami that Shiranui, though believed to be a boy by the villagers, was actually Amaterasu the whole time, just more powerful. This is further supported by the fact that at the end of the game Amaterasu gains all of her power back and turns into Shiranui (the game even declares her new identity), but is still called Ammy by both Waka and Issun. Same exact entity, just at different times and different power levels.

Let's say that again. Shiranui = Amaterasu. Shiranui is NOT Ammy's ancestor. She IS Ammy. And Okamiden messed that the hell up.

I loved the original parts of Okamiden. The parts that all occurred after the events of Okami. I was pretty impressed with the cool storylines they created. Then they traveled back in time. I will admit that I found it pretty cool that you ended up on the ship that you find wrecked in Okami just days before it is actually wrecked, and I could probably put up with Otohime's somewhat out-of-character interactions with the boat's crew, and if I don't think too much about it, I can let it slide that she turns into the Water Dragon while her husband is still alive and she doesn't hold the power of the Dragon Orb. Okay. I was pretty okay with that.

But THEN. Oh, what did they do to the Orochi scenes...They had Chibi help his mom to help Susano out with cutting off all the heads of Orochi. Now okay. I guess that's okay. It's cute, even, that Chibi is adding his power to hers. (He does it twice, btw, just like Ammy does it twice in Okami.) But you know what I can't stand?

...I have to do a bit of an explanation from the original game first. Orochi has eight heads, and each represents a different element. While in the past with Nagi you cut off all eight heads, the present with Susano doesn't do that. Instead, you help him cut off seven of the eight heads, and then he splits the last one in half all on his own. It's an amazing moment where the man who was a coward with little self-confidence defeats the monster with his own abilities and saves the girl he loves. I loved it.

But in Okamiden...oh, in Okamiden...Chibi helps him with the final blow.


There's more I could complain about, such as Waka's semi-OOC creation of Kurou and the overall lack of appearances by Waka, Ammy, and Oki. I mean, Waka and Ammy did have the excuse of being on the Celestial Plain, but OKI WAS STILL ON EARTH YOU NUMBNUTS. But I won't get too much into that.

All in all, I enjoyed the game, but did consider it a bit of an, albeit unintentional, attack on the Okami world that I love. It IS my favorite video game, you know, I'm allowed to be overprotective. I just hope that Chuggaa will point out some of the flaws and HOPEFULLY accept them as flaws...I dunno...This IS all my opinion, btw. If there's anyone else who loves Okami and Okamiden and disagrees, I'd love to hear some other opinions! I'm just going to hope for the best for Chuggaa's playthrough, and I'm sure I'll still enjoy it.

Well, sorry for the rant, tata~!


A List

Things I Need to Do:

-Get back to playing SoulSilver
-Go out and buy cheap Gamecube games so I have something to play at college
-Upload and edit the pictures I drew and colored at the shore
-Get back on a proper diet
-Earn some cash

Things I Have Been Doing:

-Watching the Nostalgia Critic