Well hai thar ^^

Seems like you've stumbled across my blog! Well, I guess I'll give you a little information about myself:

Name (the one to be used for this blog's purposes): Mattie
You could also call me UM, um-chan, or whatever nickname you have for me.

Age: 17

Gender: 1/7 Female, 6/7 Male

Birthday: 9/3

Obsessions: Hetalia, Coldplay, video games (Nintendo mostly), drawing, writing, roleplaying, Let's Plays

Have fun wandering through my blog! BUT WAIT! It's dangerous to go alone! Take this! (hands you a hockey stick) ^^


Look at all the times I've been on the front page! :D SO HAPPY

You'd Think I Hadn't Filled This Up Enough

I'm far too lucky.

Frickin Mew Above

I am going to murder someone.

My Internet is completely down, which means I need to use my Mewdamn iPhone to write this, which will NOT turn out well...

You know, I had stuff to work on tonight...pictures...fics...the MOST IMPORTANT POST IN MAXIEBREAD'S HISTORY...not that it's THAT much of a big deal -_-

Gonna kill my phone...gonna kill my computer...blah....



What is my life?

Just spent fifteen minutes on a post with awesome pictures about why I can't go to Bronycon.

theO didn't display any of them.

This is me right now.

Front Page Index

A list of the times I've been on the front page with links to my posts. Purely for my own self-esteem benefit.

Dimentio 1/22/12
Naoki 1/28/12
Double Whammy Zeph and Arthur 2/24/12
Future Luke, Subject 3, and Subject 1 2/24/12
HardenShipping 001 4/15/12
HardenShipping 002 4/22/12
Discord 001 5/24/12
HardenShipping 003 5/29/12
Pichu 5/29/12
Discord 002 6/2/12
Fujian 6/2/12
Yuna 6/10/12
Yin and Qing 8/11/12
Cassio and Iago 8/11/12
Vashta Narada 10/21/12

Top 8

The Snake 6/4/12

Maniacal Chimera Strikes Again

What was that? I couldn't hear you over the sound of the awesome chaos I've started :3

Continuing to propagate on theO's front page...but still have not yet learned to make it rain ginger ale. Over all, plan to engulf internet in chaos is going fairly smoothly.